Top 10 Romantic Places in Ireland to Visit

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Want to propose in Ireland? Getting married in Ireland?  Planning your Ireland Honeymoon?  Celebrating an anniversary in the Emerald Isle?  Well, then, we want to arm you with a list of the top 10 romantic places in Ireland.  As you travel to Ireland with your true love, these romantic places in Ireland will inspire you.  Ahhh, love.

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1. Carmelite Church Dublin is where the relics of St. Valentine are buried.  In 1835 Pope Gregory XVI provided them to boost Catholicism.  St. Valentine secretly married couples throughout Ireland.

2. Killarney, in Southwest Ireland, is a beautiful area and considered one of the most romantic places in Ireland.  We suggest cuddling up on a jaunting cart ride around town.

3. Ross Castle in Killarney, though known for being haunted, boasts a romantic Irish story. Daughter of the Black Baron, Sabina fell in love with her father’s arch enemy, an O’Reilly.  When the two tried to cross the river to elope, the boat capsized and Sabina’s lover drowned.  She locked herself in the castles tower, refusing to eat or drink, until she died.  Her ghost is said to still haunt the castle till this day, making Ross Castle one of the most romantic places in Ireland.

4. Visit Claddagh Quay in Galway City. This area is based on the Irish word “cladach”, meaning a stony beach.  Richard Joyce leaves his beloved Claddagh home (he was captured and enslaved by pirates) from the Spanish Arch in Galway on a ship bound for foreign lands beginning the story behind the Claddagh ring, one of the many Irish symbols.  The history of the Claddagh ring is one of the most romantic stories of Ireland.   If proposing is your plan, try picking out traditional Irish wedding rings: purchasing a Claddagh ring set in Ireland will help you remember your Ireland vacation for all time.

5. If you’re pulling out all the stops one of the most romantic things you could do in Ireland, surprise your love with a private helicopter ride touring the infamous Cliffs of Moher. There is no other view like it.  Once you’ve gotten up close and personal with the miles of cliffs have the helicopter deliver you to the Aran Islands, our next of our romantic places in Ireland.

6. Aran Islands carry the story of the Aran Sweater, knitted by the young women for their lovers.   When they were ready to marry, sigh, the sweater was presented to the man to show she was prepared to be a wife.   It’s also romantic thanks to the miles of stone fences and sheer cliffs. In case the breathtaking seascape isn’t enough, head to Dun Aengus where the final scene of Leap Year was shot.  This is where he gives her his mother’s ring, not in Dingle as the movie depicts.  Check out the “Reel” Ireland, Ireland movie sights tour for the scoop.

7. Waterford Crystal will be sure to woo your love.  A name that is known all over the world for its magnificence, we suggest visiting the The Waterford Visitor Centre for your own piece of Irish history.  One of these Waterford Crystal relics (We mean, it’s from one of the most romantic places in Ireland) can be passed down from generation to generation, allowing your love to live on forever.  Read more fun facts about Waterford Crystal here.

8. & 9. The Titanic Museum in Belfast (opening in April 2012) or Cobh, in Co. Cork (last port of call for the Titanic) may not initially be thought of as a romantic places in Ireland as the Titanic is typically equated to over a thousand lost lives.  However, the movie Titanic does go down as one of the most watched love stories of all time, making these two locations romantic places in Ireland.  You just need to start humming a little bit of ‘My heart will go on’ and you can recreate the infamous boat scene we all (unfortunately) can’t forget.

10. Romantic places in Ireland wouldn’t be complete without Wicklow, where over 80 movies and TV shows have been shot including P.S. I Love You.  Remember the scene where Holly (Hillary Swank) is searching for Wicklow National Park and meets her future husband Gerry (Gerard Butler)?  Can you find the scene where they meet and take a picture?  You can find it on the “Reel” Ireland movie sights tour.


Of course, these are just some of our suggestions.  Full of Irish castles, legends and all the hearty sea air you can breathe, there are a lot of romantic places in Ireland to visit. Go find some yourself.

Have any other suggestions for romantic places in Ireland?  We’d love for you to share the love.

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  1. Linda Andersen says:

    Slieve League….breathtaking!

  2. The Cliffs of Moher are a personal favourite. Whenever I want to get away from the city, I always take some time to spend a day relaxing there. Mind you, this post sums Ireland up so well – thank you and about to share with our Twitter followers :)

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