Travel Documents

At Tenon Tours we will provide you with travel documents that are delivered via email when you book a trip with us. This way you can easily forward to anyone in your traveling group and will have an ‘E’ copy with you at all times. I wanted to write a blog to discuss best practices so that your vacation with us goes as smoothly as possible! So here is how the process will work:


1. Your Documents Email

You will receive an email approximately 7-10 days prior to your arrival on your Tenon Tours trip. This will be coming from a member of our operations team with the email address [email protected] Note: Please add this email address ([email protected]) into your address book because sometimes these emails end up in your spam folder and it is not a recognized email address.


2. Your Documents Attachments

At the bottom of your email you will have attachments of your travel documents. There may be more than one attachment and yes, you will need them ALL. Also, there may/will be more than one voucher in one attachment.


3. Reviewing your travel documents carefully

This is probably the most important step here. It is best practice to pull up your confirmation given to you by your personal sales representative and make sure that everything matches correctly and that you have everything that you will need. READ THE SMALL PRINT. Most questions you have will be answered for you on the bottom of the voucher. Note: Things to look for are correct dates, passenger information, added tours, etc.


4. Printing and Organizing Your Documents

You will want to print out all of your documents and organize them in order of when you will need them. The good news is that our operations team already does that for you! Once you have them printed and in order, you can highlight certain information that may be important to you such as local phone numbers, addresses, confirmation numbers, etc. Then, you may cut them each individually as you will need to hand them in certain places. It’s best to keep them in a zip lock bag or bound together by a paper clip just so you don’t lose any of them. *Okay, maybe not everyone does this… But I certainly did and it certainly helped. I love organization.


5. Using Your Documents Abroad

When you arrive at your accommodation or day tour, you will hand in your pre-paid voucher. Sometimes the companies will not need the tangible voucher and that is okay as you will be confirmed in their system. Often times attractions will have separate lines for pre-paid tickets which can be shorter than the line to buy your tickets at the door!


6. Ireland B&B vouchers

If you have B&B stays in your vacation package in Ireland and/or Northern Ireland, you will need to present one voucher per room, per night as payment to your B&B host. This can get confusing as you may be staying in multiple B&Bs for multiple nights with multiple people. What I did to keep myself organized was write on each voucher where I wanted to use it. The good thing about the B&B Ireland vouchers are that they don’t correspond to a certain property. For example:

B&B A: 1 Night 1 Room = 1 Voucher
B&B B: 2 Nights 1 Room = 2 Vouchers
B&B C: 2 Nights 2 Rooms = 4 Vouchers

For your package you will be given 7 total vouchers. You can then go through the vouchers and write on voucher one, B&B A. Then on your next two vouchers you can write B&B B night 1, B&B B night 2 and so forth. Also, as I mentioned earlier that not one voucher corresponds to one B&B location, you want to be sure to hand in your voucher to the host or discard it if the host does not need it. You don’t want to accidently give the same voucher to two places because the code will not be accepted more than once.


7. Contact information on vouchers

Each one of your travel vouchers will have a local phone number and address listed on them for your convenience. This way, if you run into any issues or have any questions and/or concerns you can call them directly. Of course, you always have access to our 24/7 Emergency Traveler Hotline however we always recommend calling the company directly as most times they will be able to assist you.



We hope this helps! If you have any questions about your documents, please reach out to your Personal Travel Specialist who will be ready to assist you!