Traveler Hotline

Thank you for traveling with Tenon Tours! We hope you have a flawless vacation though we know sometimes situations do arise and in that case we want you to know we are here to help. In the event of an emergency and you need assistance from Tenon Tours there are ways to contact us via phone both locally and abroad (emails are not monitored 24/7 for emergencies). Please read through the information below including how to contact our traveler hotline, international dialing instructions, and local numbers for police, fire, ambulance, coastal rescue, U.S. Embassy and U.S. consulate offices.


before calling the traveler hotline

1. Do you have your travel vouchers?:
You were either emailed or mailed, depending on your trip type, travel documents with information regarding your vacation. Do you have those printed and in hand and have you reviewed those?

2. Have you tried calling the local number provided for you on the travel voucher?:
Often times our on site vendors will be able to assist you faster so we recommend trying them first before calling the emergency traveler hotline.


Note: No refunds will be provided if changing any part of your trip without calling the Traveler Hotline first for instructions and/or restrictions to your confirmed reservations.

Click Below for Further Holtine Information

If you are traveling outside of our select travel destinations, please click here for further information on dialing instructions per the specific country that you will be visiting.



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