Traveler Spotlight: Peters Family (+ a Proposal), Emerald Isle Classic September 2012


Who joined you on this

tour of Ireland


My husband Dan, son John, daughter Beth and her boyfriend (now fiance) Bobby Briunsma

What made you take the

trip to Ireland

for this football game?:

My husband has always had a loyalty to Notre Dame that he has passed down to his children as well. We also often spoke of making a trip to Ireland. It was close to Christmas when I discovered the Tenon Tours’ website. I decided to surprise everyone Christmas morning. It was a long 2 year wait, but well worth it.


Was it worth traveling all the way to Ireland for this event?:

Of course, the game was a plus in the package. But I think I can speak for all of us when I say that seeing Ireland was our first reason for making the trip.

Why did you choose to travel through an

Ireland tour operator

like Tenon Tours?:

Since we had never been to Ireland before, we thought that letting Tenon Tours help us plan it for us was a good idea. The thought of and

Ireland self-drive tour

and driving ourselves around on the other side of the road was not something we wanted to tackle with 5 in our group. We still had plenty of freedom to re-adjust our plans when we wanted to. For example, the guys had never expected to be able to golf during our trip. They wandered into a little golf shop in Killarney. As Dan usually does, he visited quite a bit with the shop owner about local golf. They talked themselves into golfing the next day. Renting clubs was not a problem, They even ended up with a caddie. I think that they would tell you that was their highlight of the trip.

Any advice about the

weather in Ireland


We would be the wrong ones to ask for advice on the weather. We were incredibly lucky in that department. The only rain I remember was one night in Galway on our way to dinner. Other than that it was perfect sunshine every day.

Where were the top places to visit on your wish list? Did you make it to them?:

There are always places that you hear about throughout your life that are

must-see attractions in Ireland

. I think I would have liked to have seen more castles and possibly have a stay on the Aran Islands. There is always next time, right? We never felt that we were missing out on anything.

What was the best part about your

vacation to Ireland


Our trip over to the Aran Islands wins the prize for best part of the trip. We had a horse and buggy tour given by our friend Patrick who lived on the island. He gave us more history and stories about the area than we expected. It was a nice surprise.

Bobby also proposed to our daughter Beth on the beach at the Aran Islands. The poor guy finally got a moment alone with her, which was probably hard to do with the three of us always hanging around. Oh, and she said yes, by the way. We love Bobby and we all knew they were meant to be together.

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:

Our sweaters and hats from the Aran Islands





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