Crystal Padgett

Indian Trail, NC

Crystal and her husband just got back from a trip to Italy to celebrate their 10 year anniversary!! Read about their romantic getaway below:

Where did you travel in Italy?:
“My husband and I traveled for 10 days to Rome, Florence and Venice in beautiful culture, great wine, and tons of history..”

Crystal and her husband sharing a romantic smooch outside of the Colosseum

Why did you choose Tenon Tours?:
“We were recommended by a friend of my Mother-in-Law’s.”

How was your experience with your Personal Travel Specialists at Tenon Tours?:
“Karen and Molly did an excellent job in everything, i.e. booking, reservations, tickets, and very attentive to our wishes.”

Do you wish you prepared better for any specific part of the trip?:
“I wish I had walked more before I left 🙂 Be sure to bring comfortable shoes because you will walk a lot while exploring!”

When would you recommend traveling to Italy for future travelers?:
“I would say go in April. It was absolutely beautiful.”

Enjoying some husband and wife time in beautiful Italy!

Were you and your husband able to meet any new friends while on vacation?
“Robert and Tina, from the U.K. and their family were great to grab a drink with after a day of touring. Tanea and Trey were a young professional couple from Miami that were a delight to share confusions and mishaps along the way.”

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:
“A new leather handbag and matching clutch from Rome. Hand made statues from Venice and Florence. Venetian Masks. Just to name a few!”

Do you have anything else you wish to add about your vacation?:
“It was a trip of a life time!! We had so much fun and so many different cultures. Italy was so beautiful! We’ve been to different countries but I have not wanted to go back to one as much as I do Italy. Fantastic trip!! All the tours were great but we did miss the one in Venice just because we were already so exhausted and wanted to experience Venice on our own by that time. We will go back for sure and this time with no tours so we can spend extra time on some things we liked. I do want to let you know for future if any one is flying out of Venice to not have such a early flight. We had a get up at 3am to make the boat by 3:50am for a hour to the airport, but other wise again FANTASTIC trip!! We spent our anniversary night in Rome at the Colosseum. We do recommend for people to see it in the day and at night too. Oh for any one wanting to drive in Rome or Florence, you were right do not drive unless they are Brave and looking for a adventure. They are crazy around there. Most defiantly better on foot. Stop lights are mere suggestions and if there’s traffic then they keep going other wise. The Metro in Rome will get you any where, there are only two lines at the moment and easy to navigate and we found staying on foot in Florence was great too. You cant get too lost 🙂 and everyone is ready to help with directions if you need.”

Thank you Crystal! We hope to assist you on further vacations and anniversaries 🙂


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