Hillary Bradley

Las Vegas, NV

Hillary at Ashford Castle

Hillary at Ashford Castle

Where did you travel to, Hillary?:

What made you want to go to Ireland?:

“I have always wanted to visit Ireland. It has such a magical history and beautiful landscape.”

Who did you travel to Ireland with?:
“I traveled to Ireland with my boyfriend Tom. We actually got engaged in Ireland.” CONGRATS HILLARY! šŸ™‚

Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list?:

“My main goal for this trip was to just take in the local culture and enjoy my time with my traveling partner. I didn’t have a list of must see destinations.”

Hillary and her new fiance at the Cliffs of Moher!

Hillary and her new fiance at the Cliffs of Moher!

What was the best part about your vacation?:

“My favorite part of this vacation was the night we stayed in Ashford Castle. Not just because this is where my fiance proposed, but we were treated like royalty by the staff at the castle.”

What made you want to book through Tenon Tours?:

“Since I have never been to Ireland, and I didn’t really have a list of “must see” places, I felt more comfortable having someone else put my tour together. The person who booked my trip has been to Ireland multiple times and was able to tailor my itinerary based on what I was looking for in my vacation.”

Anything to add about your personal sales representative?:

“Barbara Brown booked my trip and she did an absolute great job at making my trip memorable and fun.”

Do you wish you prepared better for any specific part of the trip?:
“I felt very prepared for my trip based on the advice from my sales representative.”

Great shot by Hillary at the Cliffs of Moher!

Great shot by Hillary at the Cliffs of Moher!

Any advice about the weather?:
“I went to Ireland in March. It was cold but not unbearable. We had a little bit of rain, but I live in the desert so I don’t mind some precipitation. I recommend packing light layers so you can easily adjust to the temperature that fluctuates throughout the day.”

Were you able to make any friends along the way?:

“We stayed almost exclusively at Bed & Breakfasts throughout our stay in Ireland. Every place we stayed at was unique but also so welcoming and friendly.”

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:
“I purchased a beautiful photograph of Ashford Castle to remember our engagement. It now hangs in our home.”

Hillary roaming around Ashford Castle's grounds!

Hillary roaming around Ashford Castle’s grounds!

Were there any unplanned parts of your trip that wound up turning into one of your favorite travel stories?:
“The first day we arrived, after getting our rental car and making our way to the first bed and breakfast we decided to stop at a gas station. This gas station has an entire 2nd floor with a museum dedicated to President Obama. It was kind of cool to be in this new place and see a dedication to an American President.”

OK you must tell us about the engagement! How did it go down? How did you celebrate?:
“I was proposed to, and I went down fabulously. Once we checked in to our room at Ashford Castle we took a walk to explore the grounds. We were rounding a beautiful fountain when he got down on one knee. I had a feeling he might propose on this trip but I did not expect it in that moment. It’s a wonderful memory.”

Share another happy memory from your trip!:
“I think my favorite thing was just driving around together while listening to the local radio stations and finding places to stop and explore along the way.”

How did you feel about driving on the “wrong” side of the road?:
“My traveling companion did most of the driving but I did drive a little. Once I got over the initial nervousness it seemed to just feel natural.”

Congratulations again Hillary! We hope to assist you and your fiance in the future! šŸ™‚

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