Kalena Bennett

Rochester, NY

Where did you travel to, Kalena?:


What made you want to travel to the Emerald Isle?:

“My fiance’s family immigrated from Ireland to the USA in 1850. We wanted to see where his family originated.”

Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list? Did they meet/beat your expectations?:

“Farmlands/agriculture, Cork/Cobh and Newgrange. We saw everything. Agriculture, especially cattle and sheep are a large part of Ireland’s heritage. We loved seeing all the animals. The sheep rule the roads. Too funny.”

What was the best part about your vacation?:

“The opportunity to see all the different landscapes of Ireland and hear about the country’s history. America is such a young country compared to Ireland. We were fascinated by everything that Ireland has overcome to become the independent country that they are today.”

What made you want to book with Tenon Tours?:
“Hopper tour allowed us to pick the activities that we wanted to do at each city without being held to a rigid tour group schedule. We did not have to drive on the narrow roads, and other side of the road, in Ireland. So glad we did not need to drive.”

Anything to add about your personal sales representatives?:

“Molly and Stephanie were extremely helpful and kept in touch with me every step of the way. They also contacted me while I was in Ireland to ensure we were enjoying our vacation and did not have any unanswered questions.”

Do you wish you prepared better for any specific part of the trip?:

“No. The trip itinerary was right on. We were not nervous at all after our first city, and we realized that everything was going as planned. We learned so much history about Ireland from our tour guides. Tenon choose great guides for the day tours that we wanted to experience.”

Any advice about the weather?:

“We got lucky. We were in Ireland for two weeks and it only rained on one day. Come prepared though. The locals say that it can rain everyday at some point during the day. Where layers. It can be cold and windy in the upper elevations.”

Did travel insurance come in handy for you?:

“I had purchased travel insurance. Luckily we did not need to use it.”

Tell us about any new friends you may have met along the way.:

“We met many great local people. The Irish people we so helpful and inviting. It is funny though.. as soon as you speak the other Americans recognize you and come over to start a discussion. It was great. We never felt alone in a foreign country.”

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:

“A wool hat from Aran Islands and jewelry made from Connemara marble. And not to forget the Irish whiskey fudge. Yum!”

Were there any unplanned parts of your trip that wound up turning into one of your favorite travel stories?:

“Our driver that took us from Cork to Kilkenny took us to an abbey and a castle that was unplanned. We explored both of them, inside and out, on foot with our driver. He was a history major in college and shared his knowledge with us. It was like a private tour just for the two of us. It was wonderful.”

Did you learn any new Gaelic or Irish phrases?:

“We learned a couple of phrases in the Irish pubs. Slainte or cheers. The other is pog mo thoin or kiss my a**. Maybe we spent to much time in the pubs.”

While transferring from town to town on your Hopper Tour, what was your favorite story you were told or learned along the way?:

“The motorway that was re routed because all the Irish highway contractors were too superstitious to cut down a “Fairy tree”. The tree still stands and the motorway lanes go around it.”



Thank you Kalena! Too much time in the pubs? No such thing šŸ˜‰

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