Kathie Conrad

Osceola, IN

KathieConrad.TravelerSpotlight.CD.TenonTours2Kathie and her daughter Laura took a mother daughter trip to Ireland Scotland and England for 20 nights! Check out their experiences in Ireland and the UK below.



Why did you pick Ireland and the UK as your destinations?:
“My daughter chose this since we have ancestors who left Ireland during the famine and she always wanted to see British Isles.”



Tell us a little more about your mother daughter trip!:
“This trip was something my daughter and I had talked about for 5 years. We had always wanted to take a mother-daughter trip together so we combined it with a collage graduation celebration.”



Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list?
Did you make it to them? Did they meet/beat your expectations?:

“Killarney because of the beauty of the scenery and Edinburgh from the pictures we had seen. They far exceeded our expectations. Like everyone says, pictures never capture the beauty or the expanse of what the eye sees.”



What was the best part about your vacation?:
“The best part was the ability to make each day a new adventure. We had a great time planning where we wanted to go each day. Some of the days were booked with tours but most of them we wanted to leave open to plan as we went.”



Why did you choose Tenon Tours?
What advantages did you have booking with Tenon Tours?:

“We looked for a tour company that would give us the flexible schedule we wanted. Most tour companies take you around and are in control from start to finish and you have to fit into their itinerary. When I found Tenon Tours Hopper Tours on line it sounded like just the things we were looking for. When I talked with Cara on the phone we knew it was. We also loved that not only did they have a tour set up for Ireland but she was willing to book us in Scotland and England on our itinerary also. There was no one else that accommodated what we wanted like Tenon Tours did.”



Anything to add about your personal sales representative?:
“Cara and Barb were great! Cara suggested that in Scotland and England we use the Brit Rail Pass. Even though it was not part of what Tenon Tours usually do she got on the phone with me while I purchased the tickets to make sure I did it correctly. The communication was outstanding. I always received answers to my questions within the day I asked or if they needed to research it within 24 hours.”



Do you wish you prepared better for any specific part of the trip?:
“I did a lot of researching and looking at each place also on what we wanted to do so no.”



Do you have any advice about the weather?:
“The weather was exactly what was given. We had mostly cloudy days. Very enjoyable temperatures, but we also had foggy, rainy days. In spite of the rain and fog we loved every day. The scenery is beautiful no matter what kind of weather.”



Were you able to meet any new friends along the way?:
“A couple of the transports were by private transfers. The drivers were wonderful, professional and very personable. We felt very comfortable talking to them and asking questions along the way. We also had a cab driver in London that was great. He told us his thoughts and experiences with the royalty in England. It was great to hear his thoughts about such a high profile family.”



What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:
“We didn’t bring many things home with us. I did buy a sweater in Ireland. The main thing I did every night was log each day with the pictures so the photo album was done and ready to be ordered when we got home. This is the treasure that we have from our trip.”



Do you have any stories about taking scheduled transportation? (buses, trains, etc..):
“Every transport that we took was easy and Tenon booked hotels that were within walking distance so we walked most of the time to the train or bus station. The Brit Rail was great because of the flexibility it gave us on when we wanted to leave.”



Tell us your favorite story or thing you learned along the way from any of your private drivers.:
“Our driver from Cork to Kilkenny was wonderful. He was so proud of Kilkenny and talked about it winning the award for being a “Tidy Town”. They take great pride in the beauty of their cities. When we got there we agreed with him.”


Thank you Kathie! We look forward to working with you in the future šŸ™‚


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