Kelly Higgins

Jacksonville, FL

Riley Higgins enjoying her first pint! ;)

Riley Higgins enjoying
her first pint! šŸ˜‰

Where did you travel?:


Why did you pick Ireland as your destination?:
“My grandparents on my dad’s side and both great grandparents on my Mom’s side all came from Ireland. As a family we are proud of our Irish heritage and have always wanted to visit the country. This was the year we all pulled the trigger and made the trip!”


Tell us a little bit about your family!:
“I traveled with my husband, Neal, and our 6 year old daughter, Riley. Joining us on our trip were my parents, Rich and Judy (who will be married 50 years this October), my sister Megan and her daughter, Mallory.”


Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list?

  • “Cliffs of Moher- We made it in the beginning of our trip! It definitely beat our expectations. Absolutely beautiful!”
  • “Ring of Kerry- We did this as well. It was completely beat our expectations. This was probably one of our favorite spots to see on the entire trip.”
  • “Guinness- OK, I Know this isn’t a place but we really wanted to make sure we had a Guinness when we got here. It definitely beat our expectations. It ruined it for us in the US though! Can’t get it that delicious here.”


An official thumbs up to Ireland from Riley!

An official thumbs up to Ireland from Riley!

What was the best part about your vacation?:
“It’s so hard to pick the best part of our trip. We enjoyed being immersed in the culture. We loved to visit a pub in a new city and having a delicious Guinness. The people were all so kind and welcoming. We made lifelong memories.”


What made you chose our company? 

Anything to add about your personal sales representatives?:
“Stephanie and Molly were amazing! They exceeded all expectations and were always there for me through the entire process.”


Do you wish you prepared better for any specific part of the trip?:
“I wouldn’t say I could have prepared any better. We wanted to see as much as we could in the time we were there. I think the advantage we will have if we return is we know which cities we would want to spend more time in and possibly towns we wouldn’t need to see again.”


Any advice about the weather?:
“We went in June so we had pretty good weather. We prepared by bringing warm clothes, which we definitely needed.”


Out front of Waterford Castle!

Out front of Waterford Castle!

Tell us about any new friends you may have met along the way.:
“We stayed at a B&B in Galway for 2 nights. The family that ran it included Martin and his wife Mary, along with their daughter Patricia. They were some of the most gracious, kind, welcoming people we’ve ever met. We left there feeling like they were already family.”


Were there any unplanned parts of your trip that wound up turning into one of your favorite travel stories?:
“Even though we wanted to see Ring of Kerry before we left on the trip, when we got to Ireland some people suggested we should skip it since it takes so long. We almost ended up not going because of that advice. We are so happy we did. It was something I will never forget.”


What destination is next on your list?:
“I would like to venture to Italy next!”


If this was a romantic vacation share the favorite romantic thing you did.:
“It wasn’t a planned romantic vacation but my husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary while we were there. We spent the day driving through the Ring of Kerry and our night walking the streets of Killarney. Such a great day.”



Enjoying pints in the pub!

Enjoying pints in the pub!

Did you learn any new Gaelic or Irish phrases?:
“Only the most important one: SlĆ”inte!”


How did you feel about driving on the “wrong” side of the road?:
“It was terrifying in the beginning. Especially in a 9 passenger van! After 10 days it becomes easier and more the norm.”


What tips do you have for others planning a self-drive tour?:
“Take your time and enjoy the scenery. The drives to each town are the best parts of the trip.”



A collection of some of the Higgin's familys best moments in Ireland

A collection of some of the Higgin’s familys best moments in Ireland


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