Ken McMillan

Amarillo, TX

Trevi Fountain, Rome!

Trevi Fountain, Rome!

Where did you travel to Ken?:

What made you want to travel to Italy?:
“I was stationed in Vicenza form “68-’70 and was able to take in many of the sites included on this tour. I wanted to share with my wife, Bonnie, the things I saw 40+ years ago.”

Thank you for your service, Ken šŸ™‚

Were you and Bonnie celebrating anything special?:
“This was a celebratory trip in honor of our 40th wedding anniversary. I gave her a 5 stone anniversary ring and ear rings to mark the milestone.”

The David, Rome!

The David, Rome!

What were the top 3 things that you wanted to see while traveling in Italy?:
“There were many more than three things I wanted to see:

In Pisa- The leaning tower
In Florence- the David
In Rome- The coliseum, The fountain of Trevi, The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

My experience with the sites before paled in comparison to this trip. Before, it was just a couple of GIs poking around, seeing what they could see without benefit of any interpretive guide. This time to have someone filling in the history of the places, giving them a nuance that was lacking before was priceless. Assisi and Sorrento/Capri were an added bonus.”

*Tough question alert!* What was the best part of your vacation?:
“Sharing this trip with my wife of 40 years and the 22 new friends. Marco Campagna was the perfect guide, informative, funny, extremely helpful, a plus to the company. The local guides were great, although I thought the guide at the Coliseum/forum was a bit cross at times. He certainly knew his stuff though.”

Gondolas in Venice!

Gondolas in Venice!

What made you want to book this trip through Tenon Tours?:
“Pricing I think, as compared to some other tour companies. Having an assigned Tenon rep was extremely helpful.”

Do you wish to mention anything about your personal sales representatives?:
“Karen DiGangi and Cara Daddario are saints. Both were extremely helpful and patient to a fault in answering the multitudinous questions from this first time international traveler. Before, Uncle Sam made all the arrangements to get me to Italy but without the charm and personality.”

Do you have any advice to offer about the weather?:
“The weather Channel app on my phone was invaluable, allowing me to see what the weather might be like 15 days out and daily I could get an idea of how to dress/ bring with to make it a pleasant day.”

Ken and Bonnie on a romantic Gondola ride on their 40th anniversary!

Ken and Bonnie on a romantic Gondola ride on their 40th anniversary!

Did the travel insurance come in handy for you during your trip?:
“I recommend it. it might seem a waste, if a claim for assistance doesn’t crop up, but the peace of mind knowing that there is assistance available in the event something did happen– delayed flight, lost luggage etc.”

Were there any unplanned parts of your trip that turned into a favorite travel story?:
“I think the earthquake we felt while still in Rome will be something we will never forget. 7:42 a.m. on 10/30/16 will be forever in our memory. We were sitting at breakfast, soon to depart Rome for Sorrento when the earth moved. So disorienting, I knew right away what it was even though I had never experienced a temblor previously.”

Where are you planning on traveling next?:
“Who knows, maybe Ireland or Scotland but should we decide to head that way I’ll definitely be in touch with Tenon and Karen and/or Cara.”

Thank you Ken! We hope to have the chance to work with you and Bonnie again in the future!

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