Lorrie Youngers

Atlanta, GA

Lorrie, a first time traveler with Tenon, was able to share a very memorable experience with her husband, brother, and his friend. She shares some of her experiences and why this trip was so special for her!


Younger's Family

Younger’s Family

What destination(s) did you visit and why?
I visited Ireland. I wanted to travel to the Emerald Isle, because my father’s ancestors were from Ireland. I wanted to see what they had seen and walked where they had once walked. We also took my father’s ashes and left a bit of him there.


Who did you travel with?
I traveled with my husband, as we had initially planned this as an anniversary trip for our 40th. Then my brother and his friend expressed interest, so our group grew by two.


What advice do you have traveling with a group?
Set ground rules. Get a feel for things they want to do apart from you. Have a little space. Talk about meals and budgets. You will get along much better if you do this.


Where were the three top places to visit on your wish list? Did you make it to them and what did you think?
Our top three must see destinations were the Cliffs of Moher, the Blarney Castle, and to complete the Ring of Kerry and it was spectacular. Fortunately, we had great weather. The Cliffs of Moher did not disappoint, and I was enchanted for sure. Blarney Castle was more than I expected. The gardens were really interesting. They are a non-gardeners kind of place. There are beautiful plants and trees, but also nooks and crannies to lose yourself in. It’s the kind of place you would love to get lost in with a sketch pad. Who knew tropical plants grew in Ireland?


Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

What was the best part about your vacation?
Ireland is super clean. Living in Atlanta I guess I had gotten used to the grime and litter, but it’s pristine (Maybe not Dublin so much.) throughout the countryside and small villages. The drivers are courteous and move to the other side of the road after passing. The Irish breakfast! I’m working that off still. We also loved our hosts at the B&B’s. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet these fine people and take a look into another culture and hear their perspective on different news topics…


Why did you choose Tenon Tours? What advantages did you have booking with Tenon Tours?
I initially saw the ad for Tenon Tours on a pop-up on the iPad. I finally became curious about the costs and services and called. We were already talking about going, and this gave us the nudge we needed to go ahead and do it. After getting the initial information and making a few calls to them, we were pretty sure we were going to Ireland! What made it easy? Tenon will plan it for you or just plan parts of it for you. You can do as much or as little as you want to fit your budget. That was awesome!


Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle

Anything to add about your personal sales representatives?

Taryn and Molly couldn’t have been more patient and helpful. They actually GO over there, so they know what they are talking about. They welcomed MANY calls from me when I had questions and reminded me along the way when it was time to choose B&B’s… They were absolutely terrific.


Any advice about the weather?

The weather cooperated for us, but it’s rainy there. Bring rain gear and a medium weight jacket. So much worth seeing is outdoors. Plan to get out there and breathe the cleanest air you have ever breathed.


Were there any unplanned parts of your trip that wound up turning into one of your favorite travel stories?
Yes! We dropped my brother and his friend off at the stables to ride (In Clifden.), and we took a drive by the seashore. Seeing some ruins in the distance, we thought we would try to get there. So we find this lane that appeared to go in that direction and spy a very old man walking in our direction lighting fire to the weeds, I guess. He was like a character from a Dickens novel-all dressed in tweed, old and weathered. He slowly wandered down the lane. So we stopped and asked him if we could get to the ruins by taking this trail, and after much brain-bending accent-translating and context connecting, we figured he was saying it was not a safe place to go. So we didn’t, but the interaction we had with that old character is a gift we both will cherish (Not to mention rolling up on my brother riding a teeny-tiny horse.) forever!


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