Traveler Stories

Traveler image for Natasha La Trenta

"The reps were all very professional and responsive. "

Traveler image for Jeanette Phelan

"They (Tenon Tours representatives) were great!"

Traveler image for Michael Taranto

"We don’t like traveling with large groups on a frenzied schedule and it was great to have a tour customized just for us, based on what we wanted to see and do."

Traveler image for Angela Willis

"They helped plan a trip that matched the kind of experience I was looking for."

Traveler image for Rosemary McCormick

"I always felt listened to, guided, and well taken care of all the way through."

Traveler image for Emily Skeans

"We had a wonderful trip"

Traveler image for Gaylene Otto

"This was my 4th trip with Tenon Tours. There was no question of looking for another tour company"

Traveler image for Jorge Ayala

"Very professional! Everything we would expect."

Traveler image for Tina Mazzucco

"I loved that everything was already planned and we didn't have to think about anything once we arrived in Italy. We just got to enjoy the entire vacation!"

Traveler image for Ben Serrill

"The staff at Tenon tours was attentive, knowledgeable, and efficient when booking the tour."

Traveler image for Bethany Gaul

"Tenon Tours made our wedding trip so perfect"

Traveler image for Stephanie Haley

"The timing of everything was spot on and it was really fun to use so many different modes of transportation"