Pat Hurley

Deerfield Beach, FL

Pat and his wife just got back from their honeymoon in Ireland celebrating his wife’s Irish culture! Read about their adventures below:


Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list? If you made it to them, what did you think?:
“Blarney Castle, Dingle, and Cong (where the Quiet Man was filmed). It was breathtaking and thrilling. Every day was better than the one before. Beautiful country, wonderful people, amazing food and culture.”

Tough question alert! What was the best part about your vacation?:
“Staying at Ashford Castle. It was not to be believed. Opulence, elegance, and rich history rolled into one.”

What made you want to travel with Tenon Tours? What advantages did you have booking with Tenon Tours?:
“I had dealings with another tour operator that I was inclined to go with initially, until I read some very positive reviews online about Tenon Tours. I thought that I had better do my due diligence and see who really wanted our business. Boy and I glad I did. Tenon Tours is a first class, customer first organization who knows that it’s the details that make the trip. What’s more, the price was very fair… I’d even say it was a bargain for all that we got. We’re simply amazed at the value Tenon Tours got us for our honeymoon.”

How was your experience with your Personal Sales Representative?:
“I knew from the moment that I conversed with Molly Hutchinson that she was the right person for us. She listened, had a deep reservoir of Ireland travel knowledge, and then proceeded to create an amazing itinerary that delighted us in every way. Molly added so many nice touches to our package that I simply don’t know how it could have been improved. This was a dream trip that we will likely never top.”

Do you wish you prepared better for any specific part of the trip?:
“I wish we would have packed a little smarter.”

Do you have any advice to offer up about the weather?:
“Warm jackets that repel rain are a must. One with a hood is even better. You’ll want to walk so much around the quaint towns you’ll encounter that two pairs of REALLY comfortable shoes are not optional. I bought Sketchers for the trip and was so glad I did.”

Did travel insurance come in handy for you?:
“We purchased the full package of insurance but didn’t use it. However, we were very glad we did. It was reasonably priced, feature laden, and gave us great peace of mind that anything that could go wrong with the trip… health, accident, or otherwise… wouldn’t leave us distressed or financially clobbered. It was well worth it.”

Were you able to meet any friends along your journey?:

“In every town! We made many friends and some even plan on visiting us in Florida.”

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:
“Holy Water from Knock, authentic Claddagh jewelry, Irish Pub t-shirts, and an Irish hat like John Wayne wore in “The Quiet Man” movie.”

Were there any unplanned parts of your trip that wound up turning into one of your favorite travel stories?:
“Yes. We found living relatives of Ellen’s were living in Donegal. So we wanted to visit with them. Well, Donegal Town and County Donegal are two different concepts. We had no idea that they lived in the most northern part of Donegal (Dungloe) and ended up driving in the most northern parts of Ireland to visit them. It was worth it! They were thrilled to meet us and took us on a tour of all the places that Ellen’s ancestors lived.”

How did you feel about driving on the “wrong” side of the road?:
“I mastered it very quickly. I was very concerned about it before I landed, but realized that it wasn’t a big deal at all.”

What tips do you have for others planning a self-drive tour?:

“Stay in one place for several days or you won’t get the full flavor of the area and too much go-go-go will tire you out. Think about extended stays in key towns like Cork/Cobh/Kinsale, Killarney, Shannon/Limerick, Galway, Donegal, and Cong.”

How did you go about planning your itinerary, picking sights, arranging them and figuring out how long to stay?:

“I had a general idea of what I wanted us to see and do, but Molly made it all work.”

Any advice for getting around? Using maps, GPS, following road signs, etc..:

“GPS IS A MUST! I would not have wanted to drive around Ireland without it. It would have been a nightmare because the Irish are not big on street signs and road signs.”

Do you have any general advice for future travelers?:

“Bring a dedicated envelope with you for all receipts! The Irish government will reimburse you upon exit for all VAT taxes you have paid during your visit. But it can be cumbersome to track and stay organized if you don’t have a dedicated, central place to store them all. Also, it’s easy to be distracted (we were) at the airport going through multiple security checkpoints and Customs to miss the place in the airport where you get your refund. So, set yourself an alarm on your phone (maybe one hour before takeoff) to remind you not to board your flight until you have visited this kiosk in the terminal. Once you leave the country, its too late!”

What destination is next on your list?:
“We’re waiting for Molly to tell us. We’ll never travel without her again!”


Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback, Pat! We are excited to have Molly assist you in the future šŸ™‚

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