Rosemary McCormick

Metheus, MA

Rosemary has returned from her second trip with Tenon Tours where she took on Dublin and Belfast. Learn more about her experience below:



A picture perfect view while Rosemary visited the Cliffs of Moher.

What made you want to travel here?:
“It started as an ill fated family trip that my sister and I had been ousted from (long story!)…so since we’d used Tenon Tours about a year and a half ago we called them to see if they could salvage our trip. (We’d already purchased air and Aer Lingus wouldn’t refund only change the dates).”

Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list? If you made it to them, what did you think?:
“We elected to go to the Cliffs of Moher, the Giants Causeway, along with a trip to Belfast.”

Tough question alert! What was the best part about your vacation?:
“Oddly enough it was the narration from the tour guide on the Hop on-Hop off bus while going through Belfast, shopping in and discovering Belfast… plus it was our second time in Dublin so we were very comfortable there, it was all good…we even took public transportation to and from Belfast/Dublin. It was great!”

What made you want to travel with Tenon Tours? What advantages did you have booking with Tenon Tours?:
“I’m no world traveler. I’m 66 and this was my second ever trip across the Atlantic. Tenon Tours made me feel like I was planning our trip with people who actually cared about us and our experience. So when this thing happened this year I knew exactly who to call to salvage our trip. As it happened, neither one of us was actually looking forward to the trip but Tenon set us up at great locations with wonderful day trips and it turned out to be amazing.”

How was your experience with your Personal Sales Representative(s)?:
“I always felt listened to, and guided and well taken care of all the way through.”

Do you have any advice to offer up about the weather?:
“I use the Weather Bug App on my phone and I can program different locations so I just kept checking it out and packed accordingly.”

Rosemary stopped into Gus O’Connor’s Pub for a pint…and they tried to sell her a keg!

Rosemary visiting the National Museum in Dublin.

Were you able to meet any friends along your journey?:
” I worked in public transportation for over 20 years and I can talk easily to strangers so if I ever needed directions or had questions I just asked anyone close. The people everywhere we went were just great and very helpful but no, we didn’t meet any friends.”

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:
” I brought home a great Irish knit sweater and fabulous plaid facinator….love them both!”

Were there any unplanned parts of your trip that wound up turning into one of your favorite travel stories?:
” The whole trip was unexpectedly good… the trip out to the Cliffs of Moher was crazy long and we were very worn out when we got back to the hotel…but it was beautiful and all the side trips along the way, the guide…all wonderful. The whole experience was very moving.”

Rosemary was ‘blown away’ by the views at the Cliffs of Moher!

Rosemary’s sister, Sheila, taking a break from sight-seeing over a nice dinner at Bewley’s in Dublin.

Northern Ireland

Hedges of Armoy in Northern Ireland outside of Belfast!

Sightseeing in Belfast, catching a quick pic of the Grand Opera House

Sheila tackling the Giants Causeway!

Thank you for choosing Tenon Tours, Rosemary! We hope to assist you in going back to Scotland SOON! 🙂

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