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Cincinnati, OH

A Tenon Tours Pro and VIP Traveler, Shannon Simms, shares her experiences visiting Ireland twice on an Ireland Hopper (2008 & 2011), traveling to Germany for Oktoberfest with a custom extension to the Czech Republic in 2009, booking a Scotland City-Stay in 2013 and then another custom City-Stay for Paris & London in 2015… AND most recently a custom tour to Iceland. Whew! We did say VIP, right?! Where is Shannon off to next?? We’ll let her share…

Tell us a little bit about your travels with Tenon Tours!:
“My first trip with Tenon Tours was Ireland in 2008, I then contacted them for a custom trip to Germany for Oktoberfest & the Czech Republic in 2009. I couldn’t stay away much longer so I decided to go back to Ireland in 2011. I have always wanted to travel to Ireland since I was very young. Tenon just kept helping me check destinations off of my bucket list so I booked Scotland in 2013 and then Paris and London in 2015. Most recently, I traveled to Iceland with Tenon Tours in October of 2016!”

Who did you travel with on your Hopper Tour to Ireland?:
“When I decided to travel through Tenon Tours, I was single. I have always been interested in traveling and got tired of waiting for somebody to travel with. I came across Tenon Tours’s Singles Trip to Ireland and it seemed like a perfect fit. I met people like me who wanted to travel, but no one to travel with. And a lot of these people have become great friends who I still keep in contact with and some I continue to travel with.”

Would you suggest traveling with a group of like-minded people on one of our Themed Tours to Ireland? Do you feel it enhanced your experience?:
“Absolutely! Everyone was in the same boat I was. Single and wanting to travel. It was a great blend.”

Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list while you were traveling in Ireland?:
“1. Dublin-I loved the city. It totally met my expectations. It was exciting to walk down Grafton Street, or hop on a double decker bus, or just pop into a pub.
2. Kylemore Abbey- My favorite castle. It was more beautiful in person. The Connemara Region day tour from Galway was a great trip that included a stop at the Kylemore Abbey. Totally beat my expectations!
3. I think I just wanted to see all of Ireland. I was happy driving the country side and seeing every shade of green, or visiting as many pubs as we could and talking to the locals. The whole trip(s), by far beat all my expectations, that is why I went back a second time, and plan on a third trip to Ireland soon.”

What is your favorite part about traveling?:
“I think the best part about traveling is meeting new people and experiencing the whole trip with them. But I loved Galway in Ireland. It is a great lively city. A great air about the whole city. From there we did great day trips; like to the Aran Islands. That, I believe was one of my favorite excursions. On my second trip to Ireland, my favorite part was Killarney. Besides the horseback riding through the National Park there, going into O’Connor’s pub for just a drink, and staying there conversing with the locals for hours… priceless!”

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home from Ireland?:
“I think it would be the bar glasses I have gotten from some of the bars in each city I visited. Oh and of course the bottle of Jameson.”

Did you learn any new Gaelic or Irish phrases?:
“Slainte!” (This means cheers in Gaelic) 🙂

What has kept you loyal to Tenon Tours for all of these years?:
“I chose Tenon, because they had a singles tour to Ireland . And the age range was perfect for my age. I loved my tours and have recommended them highly to several people, because it is so low key, and you can do what you want to do on the tour. You could be going non-stop from morning til night, or you could take it easy and spend the day just perusing the city where you are. You can pick your excursions, or not do anything at all. That’s why I love Tenon Tours, they are very informative and not pushy at all.”

Where do you plan on traveling next with us?”
“Wales… if not Ireland again.”

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