Shelly Delbridge

Phoenix, AZ

Shelly and her husband, Eric, traveled for 10 nights on a self-drive tour around Ireland.  Below are some of her thoughts on their experience!

Shelly and Eric have been together for 21 years!

Shelly and Eric have been together for 21 years!


What was the best part about your vacation?

We discussed our favorite parts of the vacation, and both agreed that it was a combination of the culture, the history and the beautiful land that humans have historically been so spiritually connected to. We came home with new perspectives and it’s exposure to those new ideas that make you evaluate your own life. We’ve both always believed you should never come back from a vacation unchanged, and this one was no exception! As far as our favorite physical parts of the trip – it would have to be the breakfasts, the scenery, the pubs and the people!


Shelly is channeling her inner Rey trying to reach the top of Skellig Michael

Shelly is channeling her inner Rey trying to reach the top of Skellig Michael

Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list?

Our top 3 destination choices were: Skellig Rock, the Cliffs of Moher and Leap Castle. We made it to the 1st 2 but not to Leap Castle (we could not reach the owner to schedule a visit). Skellig rock exceeded our expectations by a landslide and the Cliffs of Moher were something we had only seen pictures of – and pictures don’t do them justice!


Why did you choose Tenon Tours?

We received quotes from a couple of different companies, but Tenon Tours was by far the friendliest and easiest to work with! I’m not sure I would have known how to go about coordinating everything and this made is so easy. I can only imagine how much time it saved us, being that this was the first time we’d gone to Ireland and knew nothing about how to organize the trip.


Anything to add about your personal sales representative?

Cara and Barb were great to work with and answered all the questions we had. We booked several months in advance and they kept in contact and reminded me when it was time to take care of things that were leading up to the trip.

Enjoying some Jameson at the Distillery in Dublin

Enjoying some Jameson at the Distillery in Dublin


How did you feel about driving on the “wrong” side of the road?

Initially, driving felt crazy. Eric drove and I was supposed to navigate, but even being a passenger made me feel out of control since I was used to having the controls in front of me when sitting on the left side of the car. Whenever we felt like we were getting in trouble and not sure what to do, I would just say “Just follow the car in front of you!” until we got our bearings back. It took about 2 days but once Eric got comfortable with the change and with shifting with his left hand, everything was fine and we had no issues!


Any final thoughts?

Something I had to make myself let go of was the feeling that, while I was seeing so many amazing things, I was missing out on even more. There were people we talked to on the trip who were from Ireland and said they didn’t believe there was any way for them to see everything in that country in their lifetime, even while living there. I finally just came to the realization that with so many things left to do and see, we have a good reason to return!


It’s OK Shelly, we will always help you return to see all that you missed!

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