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Vacation Packages to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales

If you’re browsing tours to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and/or Wales, then you’re really looking at tours to any of the five countries that make up the British Isles (yes, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are different countries on the island of Ireland).

There are varying opinions on what encompasses the British Isles so we’d like to help clear up the confusion so you can book your British Isles Vacation to the right place! Are the British Isles, United Kingdom, and Great Britain the same thing? No.

The British Isles is made up of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.

The United Kingdom (owned by the British crown) only includes Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.

Great Britain is simply the landmass that incorporates Scotland, England and Wales.

Example British Isles Itineraries

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Hopper Tours

Don’t want to drive yourself but not interested in hiring a personal driver guide? Let’s meet in the middle. Our Hopper Tours offer just enough structure, providing transportation from town-to-town and city-center accommodations, but enough flexibility to allow you to spend your time as you wish.

Self-Drive Tours

Take in the views of the beautiful Irish and Great British countryside as you drive yourself from town to town. Perfect for the independent traveler, our self-drive tours provide you with just enough structure to give you peace of mind, but the freedom to spend your time however you want. Self-drive tours include accommodations, car rental, 24/hour traveler hotline, a personal travel specialist and more. Are you ready for your next self-guided vacation to Ireland and/or the United Kingdom? Start here!

Chauffeur Tours

Need a little more guidance on your trip to the British Isles? Or perhaps looking to add a bit of luxury to your Irish and/or Great British experience? Hire an expert private driver-guide to take you through Ireland and the United Kingdom. Experience all of the most famed hot spots and highlights as well as hidden secrets as your very own driver takes you from place to place. There’s no way to beat the added touch of a knowledgeable local giving you insight into your trip!

Honeymoon Tours

Congratulations to you and yours! Nothing quite says romance like exploring the Scottish Highlands combined with the Welsh Coast and Irish castles with your new hubby or wife without any of the stress of planning. Your Personal Travel Specialist will help you sort through your options so that you can focus on your wedding plans. You may join a tour, hit the road on a self-drive trip or even get a taste of luxury while hiring a chauffeur driver to show you around. Cozy B&B’s, luxury castles or fancy hotels rooms- it’s your choice.

Private Group Tours

Customize a private group tour with your friends, family or organization.

Scheduled Tours

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