Visit Iceland

Few places in the world offer an experience like Iceland.

Our passion for connecting Tenon travelers with other cultures is evident in the itineraries we plan for couples, solo travelers, families and groups.

Start your journey in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and explore the main attractions of the city, or drive to nearby Blue Lagoon.

Witness the phenomenon of the Northern Lights with our Super Jeep Tour or from a boat off Old Harbour.

Experience hidden waterfalls, hot springs, Icelandic horses, whale watching and so much more.

What awaits you in the Land of Ice and Fire?

Sample Iceland Tour Itineraries

All of our trips are completely customizable based on your preferences.

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Choose Your Tour Type

Self-Drive Tours

There’s no better way to experience Iceland, “The Land of Fire and Ice”, than renting a car and exploring on your own! Check out our favorite Iceland self-drive road trip itineraries below to get the best the country has to offer in the time you have available.

Chauffeur Tours

Need a little more guidance while on your vacation? Or perhaps are you looking to add a bit of luxury to your experience? Hire an expert private driver-guide to take you through the land of Fire and Ice. Experience all of Iceland’s most famed hot spots (literally!) and highlights, as well as hidden secrets, as your very own driver takes you from place to place. There’s no way to beat the added touch of a knowledgeable local giving you insight into your trip!

Honeymoon Tours

Congratulations to you and yours! Nothing quite says romance like relaxing in the Blue Lagoon with your new hubby or wife without any of the stress of planning. Your Personal Travel Specialist will help you sort through your options so that you can focus on your wedding plans.

Private Group Tours

Customize a private group tour with your friends, family or organization.

Scheduled Tours

Regions to Visit in Iceland

Ready to Start Planning Your Trip?

Our Travel Specialists are ready to craft the perfect Iceland vacation!

Best Time to Visit Iceland

Iceland’s location just below the Arctic Circle makes for long summer days with near 24-hours of sunlight, offset by short winter days with little sunlight at all. Fortunately, while winters are dark, they are relatively mild.

We put together this helpful chart to help you decide on the ideal timing for your Iceland trip.

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