Portugal Tours

Portugal is a country in southern Europe that contains 7 different regions, Atlantic shorelines, rolling plains and impressive rock formations.

Our passion for connecting Tenon travelers with other cultures is evident in the itineraries we plan for couples, solo-travelers, families and groups.

Did you know that Portugal is one of the world’s best surfing destinations? Take a lesson and see if you’re able to catch a wave or two.

Discover a new land in each of Portugal's regions, ranging from coastlines to mountaintops to grasslands.

Spend the night in a pousada, a luxury hotel of special interest, or quinta, a country home, for a wonderfully authentic experience.

Travelers can enjoy the infinite variety throughout Portugal from local history to cuisine.

Example Portugal Itineraries

We are adding new itineraries. Check back soon!

Self-Drive Tours

See the places you’ve dreamed of, the way you want to see them.

Chauffeur Tours

Experience all of Portugal’s highlights and secret spots as your very own driver takes you from place to place.

Honeymoon Tours

Whatever it is that you want to experience on your Portugal honeymoon, we’ll help you plan it.

Private Group Tours

Customize a private group tour with your friends, family or organization.

Scheduled Tours

Regions to Visit in Portugal

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Best Time to Visit Portugal

Portugal’s Mediterranean climate makes it one of the warmest European countries. Many travelers visit in the spring or fall months for warm weather and fewer crowds.

We put together this helpful chart to help you decide on the ideal timing for your Portugal trip.

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