What to Expect from Golf in Ireland

It’s a pretty well-known fact that some of the best golf courses in the world are found in Ireland and the UK. We have tons of travelers ask us about Ireland golf tours and packages . Some just want to experience what it’s like to play golf in Ireland, and some want to make a whole trip of it! We can book anything from a single tee time, to an entire trip’s worth of group golf outings at some of Ireland’s most beloved and famous courses. Read on for a quick run-down of what to expect when you’re looking to play golf in Ireland .


Types of Courses

  • Links

    Links courses are the most popular types of golf courses in Ireland. These courses are named as such to “link” the sea and agricultural land together. Adding to the challenge of links courses are sand dunes, deep bunkers and few (if any) trees.

  • Parkland/Resort Courses

    These courses are the most common style of golf course in the US, actually. You’ll find lush, well-kept fairways, mature trees, thick rough, and bunkers. They are usually well inland. They are most commonly found attached to resort locations.


Is it too blunt to say “everywhere?” Check out our golf courses in Ireland map for more specific locations. Many castles in Ireland have attached golf courses. It’s easy to find a golf course from any major town or city as well. Generally, they’re only a few miles away from downtown. Some of the top golf courses in Ireland are conveniently located along the routes of our Ireland City-Hopper Tours , as well, and would be easy to get to from whichever city you happen to be in!



As with American golf courses, rates are cheaper during the weekdays than on the weekend. Prices vary based on the type of course, the rating of the course and what time of year you choose to play. Winter months are less expensive, and some courses even close seasonally. You’ll see a price range of 20 Euros to 280 Euros ($25 to $400) depending on the course. When you’re budgeting for an Ireland golf vacation, keep in mind that certain extras will also factor in: club rentals, caddy hire, cart hire, etc. are all additional charges on top of your green fees.

Your dedicated Tenon travel specialist can help you choose which golf courses to play, and can even pre-book tee times for you. If you’re interested in setting up a group golf tour to Ireland – we’d be happy to set up the whole trip – from accommodations, to transportation, to tee times.






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