Your First Guinness in Ireland

Some of you might be taking a trip to Ireland in the near future and having a real pint of Guinness will be first on your agenda. You have all heard that the Black Stuff tastes better in Ireland and it definitely does. Trust me; you are talking to an expert :). However, if you want to fit in with the locals, your first Guinness in Ireland could definitely give you away as a tourist. To make sure this faux pas doesn’t happen, simply follow these four rules of thumb:

  1. After discovering the perfect pub and ordering a pint, the barman will fill the glass about 2/3 full and place it on the counter. I know it might be your first Guinness in Ireland, but try not to be overly anxious for that initial glorious sip. Leave the drink where it is and don’t touch it! The barman will probably walk away and help other customers. Don’t panic, he’s not ignoring you. After a few minutes, he will eventually come back to the pint, top it off, and bring it to you.Please, please, please don’t ask for an engraved shamrock on the head of the pint. This request screams “American tourist.”
  2. Hold your horses! I know you’re probably going crazy by this point because you just want to have a taste of the magic. However, your first Guinness in Ireland needs to settle. It takes time. You have to wait until there is a distinct differentiation between the black and the white. This will only take a few minutes, but be patient.
  3. Don’t blow off or sip the white head off your first pint of Guinness. This is unacceptable. A big no-no!
  4. Another fatal error is to be dainty and sip it. If you are going to be a wuss and take an hour to finish it, then you should have ordered a wine spritzer. Don’t be afraid to grasp the pint glass firmly and knock a big gulp back. If this is your first pint of Guinness in Ireland, treat it as if it’s been on your bucket list for years. If you follow these four tips, then you will definitely fit in with the Irish. Slainte and bottoms up!


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