Finding the Perfect Irish Names

Everyone might be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but for many, Irish-ness stays with them year round-thanks to their Irish names.

Irish names are growing faster than a leprechaun’s leap in the United States. For those who might be expecting a bundle of joy in the future, consider naming your child with one of these unique, unusual, and even exotic sounding Irish names.

Tenon Tours has chosen a few our favorite Irish names, so sit back and pick a favorite or two from the list to add to your name collection.

Popular Girl Irish Names

  1. Áine: (Awn+ye) Meaning: Ancient Irish name from the noun that means brilliance, radiance, and splendor. Aine is connected with fruitfulness and prosperity.
  2. Aoife: (Ee+fa) Meaning: Beautiful, joyful, and radiant. Known as the greatest woman warrior in the world, Aoife was the mother of Cuchulainn’s only son.
  3.  Caoimhe: (Kee+va) Meaning: Beautiful, gentle, and precious.
  4. Clodagh: (Clo+da) Meaning: The river Clody runs through County Tipperary and Wexford and this is believed to be where this Irish name is derived from.
  5. Fiona: (Fi+ona) Meaning: Beautiful, fair, and white.
  6. Gráinne: (Graw+nya) Meaning: From grain. The Irish name, Grainne, in ancient Ireland was the patron of the harvest.
  7. Maeve: (May+v) Meaning: From an old Irish name, Madb, “the cause of great joy or she who intoxicates.”
  8. Niamh: (Nee+iv) Meaning: Brightness, luster, and radiance.
  9. Róisín: (Ro+sheen) Meaning: From the Latin name, meaning little rose.
  10. Saoirse: (Sear+sha) Meaning: Freedom and liberty.
  11. Siobhán:  (Shiv+awn) Meaning: God is gracious.

Popular Boy Irish Names

  1. Aidan: (Aid+an) Meaning: Fire or born of fire.
  2.  Cathal: (Ka+hal) Meaning: Battle, mighty, and great warrior.
  3. Ciarán: (Keer+in) Meaning: Little dark one.
  4. Déaglán: (Deck+lan) Meaning: Full of goodness.
  5. Eamonn: (Aim+an) Meaning: Guardian of the riches.
  6. Enda: (En+da) Meaning: Derived from the Irish name meaning birdlike or freedom of spirit.
  7. Eóghan: (O+in) Meaning: Born of the yew tree.
  8. Fionn:  (Fin) Meaning: Irish name meaning fair headed.
  9. Liam: (Lee+am) Meaning: Strong protector.
  10. Quinn: (Qu-in) Meaning: Intelligent.
  11. Ruairi: (Ro+ree) Meaning: Great and Red King.

If you are filled with the Irish spirit, whether you have ancestors or not, there is no better way to pass on the legacy then to give your wee one of the many Irish names out there. Continue the Celtic tradition and luck of the Irish with a perfect Irish name from the Emerald Isle.

Who knows, you might even be inspired to give your GPS an Irish name when you are traveling and taking a driving tour in Ireland.

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