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    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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  • Itinerary


    As expert itinerary planners, we’ll help you craft the perfect tour.

  • Accommodations


    B&Bs, boutique hotels, and hotels. Manor homes, castles, and more.

  • Train Trip Types

    Train Trip Types

    Choose from different rail tours: scenic, high-speed, commuter, or overnight.

  • Attractions


    Design your trip the way you want, based on the things you want to see and do.

  • Interests & Themes

    Interests & Themes

    Wine connoisseur, beach lover, or history buff? Use your interests to personalize your trip.

  • Book with Confidence

    Book with Confidence

    Your Flexible vacation comes with our exclusive By-Your-Side Service℠.

What To Expect

  • 5-Star Hotel pool with palm trees


    1. Your choice of overnight stays, in some of our favorite places
    2. Accommodations for every night of your trip in villas, castles, boutique hotels, hotels, and more
    3. Rental vehicle, a variety of vehicle types and sizes, or choose a Private Chauffeur Driver Guide for the entire duration of your trip, or just a part of it
    4. All accommodation taxes/fees* (some local taxes must be paid in person)
    5. Breakfast every morning
    6. 24/7 Traveler Hotline
    7. By-Your-Side ServiceSM
  • Castles & Manor


    • B&Bs
      The voucher program includes B&Bs online guide with over 850 B&Bs to choose from.
    • Hotels
      We’ll suggest preferred partner properties with a wide range of options, from old-style charm, historic, and boutique to modern and luxury.
    • Manor Homes
      Discover properties that provide an original experience.
    • Castles
      Choose from authentic and modern castles to enhance your visit.
    • Sleeper Trains
      RReclining seats or private rooms make for a restful overnight journey from country to country.
  • Ross Castle Killarney Co Kerry

    Choose Your Train Type

    • Scenic
      Regular train service over longer distances, between countries or even cross country, with many amenities on board (food, WiFi, etc.).
    • High-Speed
      The high-speed rail network that connects major European cities doesn’t mess around. Running at speeds of 300 km/hr, this is the way to travel long distances with no time to spare.
    • Commuter/Intercity
      Regular trains that go shorter distances within the same country, with very limited amenities.
    • Overnight
      Why waste precious daylight hours traveling when there are comfortable night trains that travel overnight to get you to and from our select destinations?
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Rail Tour Destinations

A convenient and delightful way to explore Europe. With centralized locations, travel easily from city to city, electronic tickets are readily available, and there are no luggage limits or fees.

Combine rail with self-drive and/or private chauffeur driver to enjoy the security of a structured itinerary with the flexibility to not be tied to any particular mode of travel, attractions you don’t care to see, or sacrificing any of your must-dos.


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Consistency with Individuality

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