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What makes a great team? Experience? Passion? Teamwork? Yes, yes and yes!

Our staff is comprised of Sales Coordinators, Travel Specialists, the By-Your-Side Service℠ TEAM, Marketing Masters, Operations Gurus and Accounting Nerds with over 100 years of combined experience in travel, who all work together to ensure that every trip goes off without a hitch.

We are not travel agents. We are a team of dedicated travel professionals and destination specialists who have not only been trained in boring conference rooms, but have visited each of the destinations we offer, and who have worked endlessly to perfect the craft of creating tailor-made tours for both individuals and groups.

Image for Art Cox

Art Cox

Image for Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown

Image for Bryan Lewis

Bryan Lewis

Image for Christine MacAllister

Christine MacAllister

Image for Courtney Michel

Courtney Michel

Image for Dominique DeLisi

Dominique DeLisi

Image for Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Image for Gabriela Perlinger

Gabriela Perlinger

Image for Gracie Gadler

Gracie Gadler

Image for Janet Dudley

Janet Dudley

Image for Leah Schilling

Leah Schilling

Image for Liza Vallone

Liza Vallone

Image for Liz Aungier

Liz Aungier

Image for Margo Krasteva

Margo Krasteva

Image for Michael DeWire

Michael DeWire

Image for Natasha Pereira

Natasha Pereira

Image for Stephanie Macaluso

Stephanie Macaluso

Image for Taryn Harrison

Taryn Harrison

Image for Winnie Macaluso

Winnie Macaluso

Image for Minnie Michel

Minnie Michel

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