Fun Facts about Blarney Castle

Blarney castle is one of the most iconic images of Ireland.   Located in County Cork, it’s come to be recognized throughout the
world.   If you’re planning a

tour of Ireland

, you may have this on your wish list.  Peruse these fun facts to keep yourself adequately amused whilst waiting to kiss the Blarney Castle stone.

  1. Blarney means persuasive eloquence.  Talk that aims to charm, pleasantly flatter, or persuade.
  2. Blarney comes from Bhlarna, or little field.  We think number one’s meaning is better.  Let’s just go with that.
  3. The Blarney stone powers were reportedly thanks to a witch.  She cast a spell on the stone to thank a king who saved her from drowning.  Kissing the Blarney stone is said to give “The Gift of Eloquence” or as some simply put it, “The Gift of Gab”  (see point 1).  We vote every man on earth be required to kiss the Blarney stone.
  4. Blarney is a little village, dominated by ‘the Square,’  a patch of grass surrounded by walls.
  5. Blarney castle is hidden from Blarney village in woodlands … even though it’s only a few hundred yards from the little town.  You can’t see me!
  6. MArielle-stone2.jpg
    The blarney stone is situated 85 feet up, on the east wall of the battlement.  From the top of the Blarney castle wall, you have to bend backwards while holding a railing.  Tip: Do not do this if someone who doesn’t like you is nearby.
  7. Try to find the Witch’s Kitchen and Wishing Steps on the grounds … they are names of rock formations. A dolmen is also on the Blarney castle grounds.  That’s a prehistoric grave.  Spooky.
  8. The McCarthy Dynasty built Blarney Castle.  You’ll have to read about castles for a history lesson … these are fun facts.
  9. The Blarney castle walls are 18 feet thick in places.  They afforded lots of protection from invaders during battle.
  10. Blarney Village is actually one of the last estate villages that remains standing in Ireland.  It was built by an eighteenth century landlord so the castle workers had somewhere to live.  Isn’t that nice?

Of course, Blarney castle and Blarney village have a much more in depth history than we’ve provided here.   Ireland is a land of legend and folklore.   These fun facts are just meant to get you started and keep you guessing.






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