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It is important to have the proper expectations when it comes to hotels in Italy.

Italian (and many European) hotels are housed in very very old buildings and normally do not live up to US hotel expectations for items such as room size, elevator access, typical plumbing or amenities.

In Italy, pricing not only depends upon star-rating, but it is also dependent upon the particular region of Italy that the hotel is located in. For example, a 4-star property in Rome, Florence, or Milan (larger cities) will be a bit less than a 4-star property in Venice and Sorrento (located on the water).

Italy Hopper packages are priced with hotel categories rather than star levels due to the extreme range of quality in a particular star rating. The categories were created and properties chosen to give you a similar experience & level of quality over the course of your tour when staying in different towns and cities. Please review the categories below:

Premiere Hotels: Mix of higher level 3-star hotels and basic quality 4-star hotels. The Premiere category is included with your price.

Superior Hotels: This category will include hotels in the higher quality spectrum of 4-star hotels and possibly a 5-star property or two, depending on availability in various towns/cities. Superior Category is available for an additional $95 per person, per night.

Luxury Hotels: 5-star properties, but they may not be available in all towns on the Italy hopper for scheduled dates. Price will be presented based on current rates and availability at the time of booking.


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