Natasha Pereira

By-Your-Side Service℠ | Delaware

Natasha, grounded in the East Coast since birth, used to fear the idea of traveling into the unknown. Once she was old enough to uproot, she began to realize the beauty and wonder the world holds – near and far! With her mother being Irish and father Puerto Rican, she began to gain interest in the places her family spoke so fondly about. Preparing for travel seemed like the hardest of tasks – luckily, she knew a few members of the Tenon team from high school. Knowing about her desire to now explore and learn the ropes of adventuring, Natasha’s Tenon friends introduced her to the gang. This introduction led to a career that truly sparked a fire… a real interest in breaking out of her shell and making the unknown ever-so-exciting! With her first international trip being with Tenon, she really got insight as to what our travelers experience while abroad. This amazing opportunity gifted Natasha not only with experience to guide future travelers but also a life-long relationship with the amazing people of Tenon to continue traveling with. If she could choose 3 words to describe the team, they would be:

  • Dedicated
  • Passionate
  • Genuine

She truly feels incredibly lucky to work with such an inspirational group of people.

In her free time, you can catch Natasha exploring the State Park with her best friend or spending time with her family (& 2 cats)!

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