Talking in a British accent is often used in movies and comedy routines because the way the British talk can be hilarious to our foreign ears! What’s the reason for it? It’s partly because of the accent, but it’s also because of the British slang terms and phrases that they use. Taking a vacation to England? Get to know these British slang terms before your vacation, or just to use in every day conversation here in the US to give your friends a good laugh.

  1. Legless: this is a common term that’s used in pubs – it means you may have had a bit too much to drink!
  2. Knackered: you’ll probably be quite knackered after your legless night on the town
  3. Miffed: upset
  4. Plonk: cheap wine – usually red
  5. Knees Up: dance party! Don’t forget the plonk!
  6. Barmy: insane
  7. Gobsmacked: amazed by something
  8. Chin Wag: to have a conversation with someone in a social setting
  9. Dishy: if you hear someone say you’re dishy, it means you’re good looking!
  10. Wazzock: this is used as we would use ‘idiot’ in the US
  11. Collywobbles: an upset stomach – it could be used the same way as when we say we have butterflies about something
  12. Lurgy: feeling sick
  13. Hard Lines: British slang for bad luck
  14. Lemon: worthless – a common old British slang phrase was “to hand someone a lemon,” which means to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth
  15. Gobby: a term meaning offensive
  16. Minted: to be very rich
  17. Porkies: if someone is ‘telling porkies’ it means they’re telling lies
  18. Dog’s Dinner: this means something is a complete mess

Think you know enough British slang terms and phrases now to travel to Britain? There are so many more interesting things that they Brits say, so make sure you’re listening when you’re exploring everything that England has to offer; you might even be able to spark up some chin wags with the locals!

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