Most of us, when we think about Italy, probably think of it as a summer paradise with long sunny days, outdoor dining until late in the evening, azure blue skies, golden sandy shores and emerald-green waters.  

However, as the festive season approaches, Italy offers us another magical experience as it transforms into a picturesque wonderland, brimming with age-old traditions, delectable delicacies and heartwarming celebrations. With a rich cultural heritage deeply intertwined with the spirit of Christmas, Italy is renowned for its vibrant festivities and unique customs that have been passed down through generations. Let’s take a look at just some of what makes Christmas in Italy so special!


The Presepe: An Italian Nativity Scene

In the heart of most Italian homes, the presepe, or nativity scene, holds a special place. Its origin can be traced back to the thirteenth century in the town of Greccio, where Saint Francis of Assisi crafted the first living nativity scene. 

If you visit Naples, a trip to Via San Gregorio Armeno is a must! The street of the Nativity Scenes is one of the most beautiful in the city. Once a Roman street with a Temple,  worshippers used to bring Terracotta statues as an offering and this is how the street came to be a street full of craftsmen. Over the years their creations evolved, and in the 18th century they became more well known for handmade nativity figurines. Here you will find everything from the traditional to the bizarre! Think of the likes of football players, politicians and music and TV Stars! 

Mesmerizing Festivities and Events

Cities and towns throughout Italy celebrate Christmas with a variety of enchanting events and lively processions. In Rome, the Piazza Navona transforms into a bustling Christmas market, adorned with festive lights and stalls selling local handicrafts and seasonal treats. Other noteworthy markets can be found in Venice, Florence, Milan, Bolzano and South Tyrol. 

Meanwhile, in Naples, the streets resonate with the sounds of traditional Christmas carols, and locals partake in the mystical celebration of the Feast of Santa Lucia, symbolizing light overcoming darkness during the winter solstice.

For those wanting to celebrate the Christian side of the season, being present in The Vatican on Christmas Eve for Midnight Mass is a very special experience to behold.  The atmosphere in the Vatican during Christmas Eve is festive and joyous, with the square adorned with Christmas decorations and a large Christmas tree lit up in St. Peter’s Square. Pilgrims often come from various parts of the world to experience the spiritual significance of celebrating Christmas in the heart of the Catholic Church.


Some of the many Italian Christmas traditions

Zampognari pipers – dressed in traditional sheepskin and wool cloaks with peaked hats, the zampognari pipers come into the city from their mountain homes, performing traditional music and hymns including the much-loved Italian carol Tu scendi dalle stelle. This tradition still exists in Naples and Rome. 

La Befana In Italy children not only receive gifts on Christmas Eve/Day but also on January 6th the Feast of the Epiphany known as La Befana deriving from the Italian word Epifania. The gifts are normally candies and small toys sometimes left in a stocking and if the children have been naughty they may receive a lump of coal! La Befana rides on a broom and climbs down the chimney to deliver the gifts – wonder where she got that idea from!

Midnight Skiing – In Northern Italy it’s no surprise that skiing is a big part of of the holiday season there but they also have a magical tradition in some parts where skiers hit the slopes just around midnight on Christmas Eve with torches to light the way and herald the start of Christmas Day. 

The Joy of Italian Christmas Cuisine

No Italian Christmas is complete without the indulgence of tantalizing culinary delights. Families gather around tables adorned with an exquisite array of dishes. Many regions typically have fish dishes on Christmas Eve, the Feast of the Seven Fishes. The type of fish varies by region but generally it is a meat free day. On Christmas Day the feasting continues and the menu would include dishes such as Antipasti, Tortellini in Brodo, Pasta al Forno, followed by a meat roast and finished off with a Panettone or Pandoro, a delicious sweet bread cake.  

Embrace the Magic of Italian Christmas

Immersed in a tapestry of ancient traditions, mouth watering delicacies, and an abundance of festive spirit, Christmas in Italy is a truly magical experience. As the country gleams with the radiance of twinkling lights and resonates with the echoes of joyous carols, it serves as a reminder of the enduring power of tradition, faith, and the warmth of human connections. Whether you find yourself exploring the cobblestone streets of Florence, reveling in the beauty of Venice, or soaking in the historic charm of Sicily, the Italian Christmas spirit is sure to captivate your heart and leave an indelible mark on your festive memories. Buon Natale!

Are you ready to explore Italy? View our inspirational itineraries here. Fancy some Christmas cheer while perusing European Christmas markets? Explore our Christmas market itineraries here

And from all of us at Tenon Tours, we wish you a Merry Christmas full of warmth, laughter and new experiences. 

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