The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is one of the most incredible natural formations you’ll ever set eyes on. The Giant’s Causeway draws incredible crowds to northern Ireland each year. Are you familiar with the history and formation that makes them so interesting?

Briefly, the formation involves the shifting of the Teutonic plates in the earth. Lava formed a plateau. As it cooled, depending on it’s rate of flow, the expansion and contraction formed the columns we call the Giant’s Causeway. You’ll also notice the crackling effect of the rock surrounding the columns. It’s similar to areas of Hawaii where lava was wholly responsible for forming unique formations.

The Giant’s Causeway was discovered around 1692. It wasn’t until Susanna Drury made paintings of the Giant’s Causeway that the formations were truly recognized by the world. Tourism of the Giant’s Causeway started in the nineteenth century. The site became more popular when the Giant’s Causeway Tramway was introduced. In the 1960s, the National Trust took over to remove some of the overly commercial aspects of the site.

A new visitor center for Giant’s Causway was just built and opened in July of 2012. You can still visit the site by driving to predesignated areas. Tourists can actually explore the Giant’s Causeway by walking half a mile to the formations. Keep in mind that travel to Ireland during summer months to the Giant’s Causeway can get very crowded on the narrow roads of northern Ireland. Plan carefully and be sure to ask your Northern Ireland Travel Specialist for advice.

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