One of the most common reasons people don’t travel, even though they want to, is because they have no one to travel with. Traveling solo is often something that is overlooked because of the perception of it being unsafe, lonely or too bold. You don’t have to be a seasoned traveler to travel solo. Here are some benefits to traveling on your own that you may have not considered.


Traveling alone gives you complete control over where you go and what you do. You’ll have the freedom to explore the places that interest you without needing to consult with a group. This means you can be more flexible, because the only one who’s schedule matters is yours. The only person you need to please is you.


Traveling alone doesn’t have to be lonely. When you travel with a friend or family, you’re less likely to socialize with locals because you have your travel companions. Being on your own increases the chances of you becoming fully immersed into another culture because you’ll want to meet others, ask questions and maybe even find like-minded travelers. It compels you to leave your comfort zone behind.


Solo travel gives you the chance to really self-reflect and learn more about yourself. You’ll learn to be more independent, and having to make decisions on your own is a challenge that will leave you feeling empowered. You’ll be able to connect with yourself without needing the approval of others.


Less people means less money. You’ll give your budget a break when you’re alone because you can spend your money on the things you want to do instead of accommodating everyone’s varying preferences.

Traveling alone is one of the most rewarding, unique ways to experience a new place. Remember, it’s important to stay safe when traveling. Whether you’re traveling alone or with others, we recommend you read our guide to staying safe abroad.

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    Self Drive

    Hit the road your way: itinerary, car, accommodations, sights, and tours. But let us do all the heavy lifting.

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    The freedom of your own private car, the luxury of your own personal guide. And the very best hidden secrets.

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    Every tour is different, perfectly matched for every couple. Crafted by a team who is as excited about your honeymoon as you are.

Ilulissat: The Magical World of Icebergs

5 Days | 4 Nights
Arts and Culture

Greenland is a special type of exotic, with icebergs, whales, huskies, the midnight sun, northern lights, and Inuit culture and traditions. This is one of the few places in the world where you have the opportunity to witness old traditions hand in hand with a modern Greenlandic lifestyle.

Starting From$5,751per person based on
double occupancy

In the Footsteps of Martin Luther

9 Days | 8 Nights
Arts and Culture

Explore significant sites in the life of Martin Luther, while delving into the history and culture of Germany. You’ll enjoy independent travel by car, with private touring with local guides along the way.

Starting From$3,539per person based on
double occupancy

Tri-Country Charm: France, Germany and Switzerland

9 Days | 8 Nights
Arts and Culture

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Europe, where old-world charm meets contemporary allure.

Starting From$4,193per person based on
double occupancy

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