Breweries in Scotland

Visiting a brewery is a great tourist activity because you learn about the history and culture behind the brewery, and you also get to learn about how beer is made. When visiting Scotland, many think of whisky distilleries and maybe even taking a self-drive tour through Scotland’s Whisky Trail, but the beer made in Scotland is just as great. So if you’re a beer drinker, or if you just like to learn more about culture and history, visit some of Scotland’s favorite breweries while on your vacation to Scotland.


Allanwater Brewhouse/Tinpot Brewery

Allanwater is a great brewery to visit because they make over 30 draft beers for their brewhouse. Located in the Bridge of Allen, Allanwater offers a variety of different tours from full day, half day, brewer’s masterclass tours, and others, so any visitor can experience whatever suits them.


Arran Brewery

The ales that are brewed at Arran Brewery are natural and free of artificial additives and preservatives. The brewery is open year round with tours starting at 2pm each day. The cost of the tour is £5.00  and includes a 45 tour of the brewery along with a tasting. The brewery is located on the Isle of Arran, so you must take a ferry over.


Black Isle Brewery

Black Isle Brewery is the UK’s premier organic brewery. Located in Black Isle, this brewery makes organic malt and hops without any chemicals. They also have a brewery house cow, named Molly, who eats the malt and then gives them 20 pints of milk each day. The brewery is open all year around and anyone can go in for a tour to witness the process of turning a grain of malted barley into beer.


Cairngorm Brewery

Tours at Cairngorm are Monday through Friday at 11:30am or 2:30pm and cost £3 per person. This brewhouse is capable of brewing 6,500 liters of beer each day.


Isle of Skye Brewing Co.

Isle of Skype Brewing Company was started in 1995 after a couple teachers got together and talked about how there was no good beer on the island. Now, the brewery brews four core ales.


Lerwick Brewery

The Lerwick Brewery is still relatively new to the beer scene. They launched in June 2013, and currently have a light lager and a pale ale. If you want to do a tour at this brewery, make sure you make an appointment!


The Orkney Brewery

This is in an old schoolhouse turned brewery, and they recently redesigned their visitor center to be able to handle more people. They also have a cafe, gift shop, and events venue. A tour here costs £5.00 per person and includes a tasting.






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