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    All About France

    France is a country in western Europe that is made up of 13 different regions, Mediterranean coastlines, peaceful countrysides, and medieval cities. With so many areas to explore, there are opportunities for every type of traveler who comes to France.

    Many travelers visit in the spring or summer months even though the weather is temperate year-round. It’s important to keep in mind these basic facts when traveling to France.

    Capital of France:


    Official Language:


    Major Airports:

    Charles de Gaulle (Paris), Nice, Lyon-Saint Exupéry

    Time Zone:

    +6 Ahead of U.S. Eastern Time Zone​

    Currency in France:

    Euros (€)

    Entry Requirements:

    Valid Passport


    220-volt (Type E plug)​

    Tourist Tax:

    There is a small tourist tax which is charged per person/per night and paid directly to hotels at check-out.

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  • Seine in Paris France

    Regions & Areas

    France is divided into 13 regions. Each region has its own popular tourist attractions, but their cultural and climatic differences make for a unique and diverse experience.

    Paris & Surroundings

    • Paris
    • Versailles
    • Giverny
    • Fontainebleau


    • Beaune
    • Dijon


    • Colmar
    • Strasbourg


    • Aix-en-Provence
    • Arles
    • Avignon
    • Camargue
    • Lourmarin
    • Luberon
    • Marseille
    Cityscape of Paris
  • Seine in Paris France

    Regions & Areas

    French Riviera

    • Antibes
    • Cannes
    • Èze
    • Nice
    • Monaco
    • Saint-Tropez

    Champagne Region

    • Épernay
    • Reims

    Loire Valley

    • Tours
    • Amboise


    • Bordeaux
    • Dordogne
    • Périgueux
    • Sarlat
    • Biarritz
    • Bayonne
    • St-Jean-de-Luz
    Cityscape of Paris
  • Lyon French cityscape France

    Regions & Areas


    • Lyon
    • Saint-Étienne
    • Chamonix
    • Annecy
    • Grenoble


    • Rennes
    • Saint-Malo


    • Bayeux
    • Caen
    • Deauville
    • Mont St. Michel
    • Rouen
    • WW2 Landing Beaches
    Place des Jacobins in the city of Lyon, France
    • beautiful view on Menton town on french riviera, cote d'azur, south France
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      From family-owned Bed & Breakfasts to boutique inns.

    • Aerial view of the suburbs of Lyon French city along Saone river with some residential buidings and boats sailing
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      We’ll suggest preferred partner properties with a wide range of options, from old-style charm, historic, and boutique to modern and luxury.

    • France family dining outside
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      Food & Drink

      With 31 3-star Michelin restaurants, France is never short of great food and drink options. Here are some of our favorites:

      Few countries are as synonymous with wine as France. Each of its 10 major wine-growing regions offers distinctive flavors and varieties.

      With over 1,600 distinct types of cheeses in France, sampling them all could be considered an Olympic sport. Whether you prefer the soft and creamy types like brie or the harder and nuttier kinds like Beaufort, you are sure to find a French cheese you’ll like.

    • Modern luxury restaurant interior with romantic sence Eiffel Tower and Seine river view in Paris, France. Dinning table in restaurant at Paris, France.
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      Food & Drink

      The most colorful and pillowy of sweet French treats! Made of tasty meringue, icing sugar and almond meal, macarons come in almost as many flavors as there are colors in a crayon box.

      Crème brûlée
      Don’t let the English translation of “burned cream” turn you off. This tasty dessert is made from a rich custard and topped with caramelized sugar.

    • Eiffel Tower Paris France
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      Food & Drink

      This Provençal stewed vegetable dish comes originally from Nice and is made famous by a certain animated movie.

      Coq au vin
      As a braised chicken dish hailing from the Burgundy region, it’s no wonder one of the main ingredients is wine.

    • fields of blooming lavender flowers, Provence
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      Attractions & Points of Interest

      Experience the perfect vacation based on your interests. France offers a wide variety of tours, from culinary to history. With 42 UNESCO cultural sites, the highest number of 3-star Michelin restaurants, and 11 world-renowned wine regions.

    • City of Paris with tourist boat close the bridge on Seine river during spring time in Paris, France
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      Attractions & Points of Interest

      Landscapes & Scenery

      • The Seine River
      • Landing beaches in Normandy
      • Arromanches Harbor
      • Cordouan Lighthouse
    • Le Mont Saint Michel at sunrise
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      Attractions & Points of Interest

      Religious Pilgrimage

      • Lourdes
      • Lisieux
      • Mont Saint-Michel
      • The Way of St. James​
    • Place des Jacobins in the city of Lyon, France
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      Attractions & Points of Interest

      World Heritage

      42 UNESCO cultural sites, including:

      • Palace of Versailles
      • Fontainebleau
      • Mont Saint-Michel, Strasbourg
      • The banks of the Seine river in Paris​
      • The recently added Cordouan Lighthouse in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region
    • Dramatic sunset over river Seine in Paris, France, with Conciergerie and cruise boats.
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      Attractions & Points of Interest

      D-Day and WWII History

      • Landing beaches in Normandy
      • Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mère-Église
      • Mémorial de Caen Museum
      • The artificial harbor of Arromanches​
    • Aerial view of the Musée d’Orsay
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      Attractions & Points of Interest

      Arts & Culture

      • Painter’s Routes (Impressionism)
      • Operas and cabarets in Paris
      • World-famous museums like Louvre, Musée d’Orsay and Centre Pompidou
    • Awesome aerial view on Lyon French cityscape viewed from the roofs of Basilica Notre Dame de Fourviere with Archangel Michael statue overlooking the city
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      Tenon Recommends


      • When Courtney Mitan’s mom lived in Paris, 40 years ago, L’Entrecôte de Paris was her favorite restaurant. To this day, her family still makes a copycat of the Steak, Fries, and Sauce recipe which she says is to die for!
      • Chez George is more of a wine bar/club than restaurant, but Liz Marjollet says it’s an awesome experience for people looking to go dancing with locals of all ages in the Latin Quarter.


      • For fans of French impressionism painting, Liz Aungier says Monet’s Garden is a must. See the lily pond and Japanese Bridge that appears in some of his famous paintings.
    • fields of blooming lavender flowers, Provence
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      Tenon Recommends

      Loire Valley

      • Vaux-le-Vicomte was the inspiration for the grounds and architecture of Versailles palace. This private chateau has been beautifully maintained and Liz Marjollet recommends a visit for those looking for something less crowded than Versailles.


      • Liz Marjollet says Bastide de Gordes is so stunning, she wants to “die at this hotel!” Perched atop the town of Gordes, this 5-star hotel has staff dressed in 16th century attire, rooms individually decorated with oil paintings and furniture reminiscent of times gone by, and spectacular views.
    • City of Paris with tourist boat close the bridge on Seine river during spring time in Paris, France
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      Tenon Recommends


      • Set in the largest private garden in Avignon, Liz Marjollet loves La Divine Comédie. Part luxurious accommodations, part elegant and magical garden, part wellness retreat, you’ll love soaking up its sophisticated interiors.


      • Liz Marjollet Absolutely loved the Wine Blending Workshop. Learn about making a blend and how despite it being exact, it is very much up to your own personal tastes.
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    Insider Tips

    • Best Time To Visit

      Best Time To Visit

      Many travelers seem to favor spring or summer months even though the weather is temperate year-round. Paris is beautiful in fall and December to February is ideal for the Alps.

    • What To Pack

      What To Pack

      France’s weather is temperate year-round.

    • Food & Drink

      Food & Drink

      Welcome to what may very well be one of the most famous (and delicious!) cuisines in the world. Discover all the dishes you’ll want to try, beyond the baguette.

    • Travel


      A valid passport is required to travel to France.

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    Getting Around

    You’ll have a few transportation options to choose from when traveling around France.

    • Car Rentals

      Car Rentals

      The French drive on the same side of the road as Americans do. However, they use the metric system so the speeds might look a little differently. Americans are allowed to drive a rental car in France without an International Driving Permit (IDP) during their time in the country. Although an international driver’s license in France isn’t required by law, we recommend that you obtain one before traveling abroad as it’s an inexpensive document that can be very useful.

    • Train


      Trains are a convenient way to explore France. The French train system allows for easy transportation from city-center to city-center as well as international connections to other destinations such as England, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain.

    • Private Driver

      Private Driver

      Hiring a private driver offers another way of getting around France without the hassle of maneuvering the roads. It also adds an extra element of personal service to your vacation. With Tenon, you can choose to have a private driver for your entire trip or just a portion of it. Private driver and chauffeured services are recommended when taking wine tours.

  • Special Events

    Major events in France include the Cannes Film Festival, the Tour de France cycling race, and the national Bastille Day celebration in July.

    • PARIS
      Fashion Week: July
      Bastille Day: July
    • CANNES
      Cannes Film Festival: May
      Festival of Fireworks: Sundays in July to early August
    • NICE
      Carnival: February 10-26, 2023
    France shot of city and Eiffel tower
  • Special Events

    • MONACO
      Grand Prix Monaco: End of May
    • LYON
      Fete Des Lumieres: First week of December
      Christmas markets: November to December
      D-Day: June 6
      Vin (Wine) Expo: May – June
    Place des Jacobins in the city of Lyon, France
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    • fields of blooming lavender flowers, Provence

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Eiffel Tower Paris France

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