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    All About Iceland

    Few places in the world offer an experience like Iceland. Glittering glaciers, toppling waterfalls, and a rich Viking history. Rolling meadows, stark gray sands, and healing geothermal spas. From ice-capped endeavors for adventurous souls—think ice climbing, glacier walks, and hikes through lava fields—to the cultural hub of beguiling Reykjavík, everything about this country easily falls into the category of extraordinary.

    Iceland’s location just below the Arctic Circle makes for long summer days with near 24-hours of sunlight, offset by short winter days with little sunlight at all. Fortunately, while winters are dark, they are relatively mild and play host to one of nature’s most spectacular exhibitions of beauty: the Aurora Borealis. On a dark and clear night, the Northern Lights can often be seen dancing across the sky overhead in all their green glory.

    Capital of Iceland:



    English, Icelandic

    Major Airports:


    Time Zone:

    +5 Ahead of U.S. Eastern Time Zone​


    Icelandic Króna

    Entry Requirements:

    Valid Passport


    230-volt (Type F plug, also works with plug C)​

    Best Time to Visit:

    July and August

    Diamonds of the North
  • Southern Highlands of Iceland

    Regions & Areas


    The capital city of Reykjavik is home to 60 percent of Iceland’s residents. Like most cities, it boasts nightlife, bars and restaurants, shopping and museums. However, it offers other options that you may not find elsewhere, including a major breeding ground for the Atlantic puffin!

    The West

    The west coast of Iceland is known as Sagaland and is popular for its folklore. Regardless, there is still no shortage of natural scenery – you’ll be able to visit waterfalls, Snaefellsjokull National Park and more.

    The North

    The Northern Lights can be seen in northern Iceland from August through April. Choose from a range of activities including skiing, whale watching and driving along the Arctic Coast Way – 900km of coastal roads offering a unique experience.

    Reykjavik capital city of Iceland
  • Iceland Panorama

    Regions & Areas

    Cozy Westfjords

    This region is perfect for those who are looking for the more remote parts of Iceland. The population is under ten thousand, and with less tourism than other regions, there are better chances of seeing birds and arctic foxes. Some of the country’s largest and most beautiful cliffs and waterfalls are located here as well.

    The East

    The east coast of Iceland, known as Austerland, is known for hiking and scenery. Geology enthusiasts will enjoy any part of Iceland, but here you’ll get to view things such as the erosion results of ancient glaciers and mountains atop basaltic lava layers.

    the old fishing cottages of Osvor in Bolungarvik bay in west Iceland
    • Reykjavik city scape frop the top with Hallgrimskirkja church. Aerial photo.
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      We’ll suggest preferred partner properties with a range of options, from family-owned bed-and-breakfasts and cabins to city center hotels.

    • Traditional grass roof houses of Glaumbaer, northwest Iceland, with red roof church in the background.
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      Smaller properties with a personal touch. These cozy, family-owned accommodations are scattered all over the country and are even more common than traditional hotels. They range from relatively luxurious bed and breakfasts to simple cottages overlooking a sheep or horse farm.

    • Young woman in yellow raincoat holds a portion of fish and chips in Husavik, Iceland
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      Food & Drink

      Fresh Fish – Iceland is an island nation, so this comes as no surprise. There isn’t a season for fresh fish because it is readily available year round; however, the time of year may dictate which type of fish you have. Typically, it is a white fish such as cod, haddock or halibut. One popular way to have the fish is in a stew locally known as plokkfiskur. Another option is dried much like a jerky called hardfiskur. For the adventurous, you can try the fermented shark known as hakarl, which is the national dish of Iceland.

      Hot Dogs – As strange as it may sound, when in Reykjavik prepare to wait in line for a hot dog. They are made with pork or lamb. This is one of the most popular foods in the country. The most famous place to grab one or two is in the city at Baejarins, a hot dog stand that has been around for almost 100 years.

    • View of the Uxatindar in the Southern Highlands of Iceland in August 2020.
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      Food & Drink

      Skyr – This is a dairy product similar to yogurt but made from cheese. This has been made in Iceland for centuries. It can be eaten by itself or with some local berries.

      Icelandic Beer – Unlike beers found around the world, the alcohol content is very low in Iceland. Generally speaking, it is about 2-3%. They are very light which allows them to pair well with any food.

    • scenic road in Iceland, beautiful nature landscape aerial panorama, mountains and coast at sunset
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      Food & Drink

      Brennivin – This is the national alcoholic beverage. It is very similar to vodka and can be used in any cocktail as a vodka alternative. It is very popular during the winter.

      Appelsin – This is commonly consumed during the holiday season, but can be found at any time. It has been widely used to treat an upset stomach as well. It is a soda-like drink that has a light fruity taste and is considered nutritious.

    • Waterfall, Iceland, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Water, Europe
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      Attractions & Points of Interest

      Uncover a world of wonder in the land of fire and ice.

    • Reykjavik, Iceland. The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa.
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      Attractions & Points of Interest

      Tenon’s Top 10 Highlights of Iceland

      1. Reykjavik
      2. Hallgrimskirkja Church
      3. Blue Lagoon
      4. Golden Circle Tour
      5. Geysers
      6. Waterfalls
      7. Northern Lights
      8. Jokulsarlon
      9. Icelandic Horses/Ponies
      10. Outdoor Activities
    • Reykjavik capital city of Iceland
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      Tenon Recommends


      • Courtney Mitan says a Golden Circle & Glacier Snowmobiling tour is the most incredible way to see some of Iceland’s most beautiful features!


      • The Skogar Museum, a Folk Museum and Open Air Museum, was an absolute highlight for Liz Marjollet & Janet Dudley. The incredible collection of artifacts help paint the picture of what it was like living in Iceland and there are viking artifacts and all sorts of fishing equipment on display.
    • Iceland is one of the best place in the world to see the aurora borealis. And with their unique natural landscapes really add something to the foreground.
      9 / 9

      Tenon Recommends

      Golden Circle

      • More a food experience than a restaurant, Janet Dudley says the Friðheimar is amazing. Great food in a hydroponic geothermally heated greenhouse. She even searched high and low and found the same tomato seeds to grow there!
      • The Secret Lagoon, a local geothermal pool, isn’t fancy, but Janet Dudley says it’s really authentic and fun.
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    Insider Tips

    • Best Time To Visit

      Best Time To Visit

      Summer in Iceland is magical. It comes alive in constant sunlight and there’s nothing like taking a stroll in the midnight sun. But soaking in a geothermal hot spring and gazing up at the spectacular Northern Lights takes the edge off the cold winter months.

    • What To Pack

      What To Pack

      In one word, the weather is unpredictable. Being near the Arctic Circle means long summer days with nearly 24 hours of sunlight and short winter days with little sunlight at all. Pack a warm weather-proof jacket with a hood, no matter when you go.

    • Food & Drink

      Food & Drink

      What kind of delicacies will you discover on this island nation? You may have to be adventurous at times, but no doubt you’ll fall for some of these popular foods and national dishes.

    • Travel


      A valid passport is required to travel to Iceland.

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    Getting Around

    You’ll have a few transportation options to choose from when traveling around Iceland.

    • Car Rentals

      Car Rentals

      A self-drive tour is the most economical way to see Iceland, but it’s important to be aware of road conditions in Iceland.

      • Major highways are paved, but many of the roadways in Iceland are gravel.
      • Loose gravel and sand can cause damage to your rental car. Take care when passing.
      • There are many winding roads with steep drop-offs! Choose a safe speed and stay alert.
      • Driving off-road is strictly prohibited by law. Protect Icelandic nature, stay on marked
      • roads!
      • Highway No. 1 or the “Ring Road” is the most traveled road in Iceland.
      • Don’t stop on the side of the road to take photos. Most of the Ring Road is narrow with no shoulders. Safety first!
    • Private Driver

      Private Driver

      Hiring a private driver offers another way of getting around Iceland without the hassle of maneuvering the roads. They can provide you with insight into well-known and hidden spots around Iceland while adding an extra touch of luxury to your vacation. With Tenon, you can choose to have a private driver for your entire trip or just a portion of it.

  • Special Events

    • First Day of Summer – Third Thursday in April
    • Independence Day – June 17
    • First Day of Winter – On the Saturday falling between October 21 – 27
    • Beer Day – March 1
    • Twelfth Night – January 6
    Iceland northern lights
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