Gas Prices In Ireland

Updated: June 2015

Why are fuel prices so relevant to the overall cost of Irish travel? Consider all the different aspects of overseas travel that rely on gas prices in Ireland: airfare, taxi services, tour buses, boats and various other modes of transportation. The cost of fuel affects all travelers whether directly or indirectly because oil is still the global industrial base and affects the price of all goods and services.

file0001728533291.jpg You’ve got to get around somehow, right? With a variety of Ireland tours , ranging from full flexibility ( self-drive ), to moderate flexibility ( semi-escorted ) to very little flexibility ( fully escorted ) there is an option for all preferences, however not everyone is sure which is the best way to travel for them or which may fit within their budget. When comparing your Ireland travel options and prices make note that tours with your transportation included (semi-escorted, theme/event tours, fully escorted) will already take into considerations gas prices in Ireland and cover these costs.  When researching an Ireland self-drive tour you will want to account for gas prices in Ireland as extra out-of-pocket cost you will incur during your trip.

According to today gas prices in Ireland (which they refer to as “petrol”) are anywhere from $5 to $7 per gallon (though sold as liters). Compare that to gas prices in the US, which are listed as ranging from $2 to $3 per gallon, with an average of $2.75, according to the American Petroleum Institute.

Gas & petrol, gallons & liters… how to keep it all straight? To help you compare petrol prices per liter in Ireland and gas prices per gallons in the U.S., use the following simple conversions:

1 gallon = 3.78541 liters (let’s call it 4 liters to make it easy)

EUR €1.00 = USD $1.12 (approximate average as of June 2015,

Petrol = €1.44/liter x 4 (liters per gallon)= €5.76 x $1.12 (exchange rate) = $6.45 per gallon

You can see how the gas prices in Ireland have changed over the past three years:


Driving by car is one of the best ways to get to know this magical land of limericks and leprechauns, planning an Ireland self-drive itinerary prior to departure can help you have an idea of how much ground you may cover during your trip to budget accurately for gas prices in Ireland.

Are Gas Prices in Ireland too high?

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