How to Plan a Trip to England, Ireland and Scotland

Are you looking to plan a trip to England, Ireland and Scotland?

Here’s what you need to know.

The British Isles are comprised of five countries: the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. To venture to any of these destinations would be worthy of any traveler’s bucket list, but why stop there? If you’re seriously considering a trip to England, Ireland or Scotland, you may want to contemplate extending your time abroad to encompass even more sights and experiences. Learn about the difference between the British Isles and the United Kingdom here.

There are many things to consider when planning your vacation to the British Isles, and it can be difficult to know what to expect. If you don’t already have the answers to the following questions, our travel specialists will review your options with you to help create the perfect multi-country tour!


Decide when you want to travel

As in most decisions you’ll make in planning an international trip, this largely depends on the experience you want to have. If you ask us, we will likely tell you that late spring / early fall is the ideal time to visit the British Isles, however, there are many considerations when making this decision such as the weather, holidays, number of days you want to stay abroad, etc. Because you want to plan a trip to England, Ireland and Scotland you’ll want to make sure you always pack appropriately – the weather in the British Isles can be unpredictable!


Research where you want to travel.

Do you want to take the scenic route or hit up the main tourist attractions? Does your ancestry trace back to a specific county or region? Are you mostly interested in popular filming locations or castle attractions? Whether you have specific locations in mind or just a starting point of ideas, we can help you plan it. View our interest options.


Figure out your budget.

It’s important to have an idea of what you are looking to spend on your trip, either in total or per person. This will help us determine the best options for you, from transportation to accommodations. It will also factor into the amount of time you will spend in the British Isles. For reference, our British Isles self-drive packages range from 7- to 24-night stays. Your personal travel specialist will help you figure all of this out, of course! We can also give you a rough estimate of how much things will cost before we get too far into customizing your travel plans.


Book your attractions and plan ahead.

With a multi-country vacation, there will be a lot of things you’ll want to see and do. We can help you narrow down the best sights and attractions within your timeframe, as well as book them for you! The best part of traveling with Tenon Tours is that you’ll have access to all of your trip details within our mobile app so you can update and book tours on-the-go. Of course, it’s always better to plan ahead – but some of our travelers like to have more flexibility.

Are you looking for a flexible yet structured vacation through the British Isles? Our Hopper Tours may be a good fit for you! Learn more here.

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