Kinsale the Gourmet Capital for an Ireland Food Tour

Ireland isn’t the first place you think of when considering taking a food tour. Most are led to believe the Irish only have a reputation for boiled potatoes and over roasted meat. Is this true? Would you believe that Ireland is home to one of the best of the best when it comes to Gourmet Capitals?  Discovering what Ireland and Kinsale have to offer is the most important part of any

Ireland food tour


Kinsale is located in County Cork, southern Ireland and is known as the Gourmet Capital.  You will hear it called a resort town and medieval village.  The town is popular for yachting, sailing, and golfing.   You’ll be impressed by the narrow streets and numerous art galleries.  Grab your binoculars to really enjoy watching the wildlife from the shore.  It’s a necessary stop on any

authentic Ireland tour

.  So why the title of Gourmet Capital?

Basically, Kinsale is rife with eating establishments.   There are so many restaurants, from fine dining to pub food that you have your choice of anything you want to eat, even on an Ireland food tour.  Shop goods made by local artisans are prolific, as well.  Take home all your souvenirs of the

Ireland food tour

from here.

Celebrity chef Keith Floyd once lived in Kinsale.  Each year, there is a Gourmet Festival.  If you want your

Ireland food tour

to be complete, visit Kinsale in October during the festival.  You’ll see an impressive menu of shrimp, prawns, and lobster.  Try any variety of wine, or opt for special

Irish drinks

.   You can pre-purchase tickets, too, guaranteeing you a spot.  Don’t forget to sample

Irish beers

.  They are among the most popular stouts in the world.

Ultimately, Kinsale is the place to go for foodies wishing to sample

authentic Ireland

.   It’s also reported to be one of the best tourist towns.  If you’re taking an Ireland food tour, this is it.  If you prefer a charming, medieal town, Kinsale also fits the bill.  It’s a must see on an Ireland food tour. Go ahead, eat your heart out.

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