Gabriela (Gaby) Perlinger | IT & Systems Specialist | Colorado

Mexico, Canada, Peru. Throughout the British Isles and Europe. Gabriela (Gaby) has been to many places, but she absolutely fell in love with Switzerland and hopes to go back and see more of it. She loves that thanks to one of the greatest transportation networks in the world, you can get to any corner of the country by rail, road, or boat and the journey is just as scenic (if not more!) than the destination. Being home to the best chocolate and cheese in the world doesn’t hurt, either.

Born in Denver, CO, Gaby was raised in the very touristy/beach town of Mazatlán, México, an experience that gave her a whole new perspective on how to be a good tourist. Her career in travel began in the early 2000s when she developed an affection for European rail travel and expanded her knowledge to other aspects of independent travel with some of the largest European tour operators in the US. Originally starting at Tenon as a Product Manager, Gaby is now our go-to tech and systems guru. Her career in tourism has taken her to some very interesting places, and she loves to share those experiences with anyone who will listen.
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Tenon Travel Tip
If you have free time, visit a local market or grocery store and buy a few key items to have a picnic somewhere where you can people-watch. It’s cheap and fun. And it will give you a great insight into how people live in other places.


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