Michaela Hayden | Personal Travel Specialist | Providence, Rhode Island

Michaela is a seasoned professional in the travel industry, boasting nearly a decade of experience. With a passion for exploration and a keen eye for unforgettable experiences, she has journeyed far and wide, immersing herself in diverse cultures and landscapes. From the enchanting Christmas markets of Vienna to the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert, Michaela has curated an impressive portfolio of travel adventures.

Her wanderlust has led her to witness breathtaking moments, whether it’s witnessing the sunset over the iconic Cliffs of Moher or trekking through the dense foliage of the Amazon jungle. What sets Michaela apart is her genuine interest in connecting with local communities and delving into the heart of destinations, seeking out hidden gems known only to the locals.

Michaela brings a wealth of firsthand knowledge and a contagious enthusiasm for exploration. She thrives on crafting personalized experiences tailored to your desires, whether you seek leisurely getaways or more adventurous vacations. With Michaela’s expertise and dedication, rest assured that your travel dreams will be transformed into lifelong memories.

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