Cathedrals of Ireland



Ireland is the land of ‘saints and scholars,’ the land of ‘the forty shades of green,’ home to a gracious and cheerful people, and the ancestral home of many Americans who can trace their heritage to its numerous fields and cities.he pilgrimage will be led by Father John Geaney, CSP, Rector of the Cathedral of Saint Andrew in Grand Rapids, MI, whose immigrant parents came to America in the 1920’s. When you visit you might easily encounter one of the fabled ‘little people’ or practically touch the brilliance of a rainbow shimmering in a cloud-filled and misty sky. On this pilgrimage to the Cathedrals of Ireland you will visit cathedrals as old as the fourth century and some completed within the past fifty years. You will experience the history of Ireland as told through the skilled hands of those who built the Cathedrals and experience how those Cathedrals have changed and defined the nature of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Because Ireland was a land divided by ‘the troubles,’ and by an invasion of Britain into the everyday life of the Irish people, we will also visit Cathedrals of the Church of Ireland and Anglican traditions in order to appreciate the concerns that created the Republic of Ireland and its neighbor, Northern Ireland.

  • Ireland & Northern Ireland
  • July 2013
  • 20 Passengers
  • Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork
  • Galway, Derry, Belfast, Cavan


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