Stephanie Macaluso

Personal Travel Specialist | Delaware

Favorite Tenon Destination: Italy
Countries Traveled to: 15
Favorite Quote: “Think Positive” – Felix “Grandpop” Molettiere
Travel Style of Choice: Custom – mix of self-drive, private drivers and trains to really create a unique overall experience!
Favorite Hobby: Exercise/Running

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About Stephanie

Stephanie exploring Caernafon Castle.

Stephanie exploring Caernafon Castle.

Part of what makes Tenon so great is our one-on-one mentality and desire to get to know our clients. We thought it was about time to return the favor and let you get to know us! Stephanie, our National Sales Manager, has been with us since 2009. Below she answered some questions about herself and her journey in the travel business!


What would be your #1 travel tip for a client who has never traveled abroad before?
There are so many things to prepare before traveling abroad, especially for the first time. Besides the obvious things like “make sure you have a passport” and “notify your banks and credit card companies that you will be traveling,” my best tip would be to engage as much as you can in the culture of the country you are visiting. This includes speaking the language, talking with locals in various towns, and trying new foods-especially those native to the land. It’s a really great way to learn more about the country and you really take a whole new perspective of your travels when you create adventures this way!


Would you have a different tip for an experienced traveler?

For an experienced traveler, I would say to continue to keep your eyes open to new opportunities and new things you can discover. Each place, as many times as you visit them, will have new roads that can be uncovered!


Within our destinations, what has been the most fun attraction for you to visit and why?
Questions like this are so incredibly difficult as there are SO many different types of attractions I’ve been fortunate to visit and take part in. For example: Climbing the Slieve League Cliffs, coasteering off the coast of County Sligo, swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and many, many, many more. However, I think what takes the cake so far is when I was able to Zip Line across Slate Country in Northern Wales and then visit Bounce Below, an underground trampoline park… Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what it is and it was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time!


What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?
With travel, problems can honestly arise at anytime, which is just something that we need to take step by step. That being said, I think handling the planning of an itinerary and being realistic with a client on the best ways to spend the time they have for their trip, is the biggest problem I help solve for my clients! Travel is exciting and with how much access we have to figuring out everything on our own, it really can become overwhelming and my favorite part about this job is helping someone narrow down their “wish-list” and create their own unique tour through the countries they desire to explore!


An ancestral connections to any of Tenon’s destinations?
For so long at Tenon Tours, I was known as O’Mollie, as I did not have an Irish (Or English, Scottish, or Welsh.) name and we created a name to help me “fit in”! Now that we have broadened our destinations, I officially have ancestral connections to Italy!


Stephanie also has family ties within Tenon, as her pup Winnie is our Chief Security Director.

How do you feel about have Winnie in such an important position as Chief Security Director?
I can’t lie…, I was a bit nervous when Winnie told me she wanted to apply for this position at Tenon Tours. It’s a tough job and I didn’t know if she was really motivated and up to the challenge. It’s long hours and lots of responsibility. But, she looked me straight in the eye, barked and then handed me her paw and I knew she was the best candidate for the job. Winnie has been a great asset to Tenon Tours and protecting the representatives in this office. She always greets strangers at the door with a loud bark and then a few sniffs-just to make sure they are someone we should welcome into our work place. She loves Tenon Tours so much and she really appreciates this opportunity, in fact, she’s out the door before me every single day, excited to get to work! It’s a ruff life, but doggone, someone has to do it!


Stephanie soaking in the Blue Lagoon-truly a natural wonder.


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