The Lowdown On Ireland Car Insurance

Considering a

self-drive tour of Ireland

?  Understanding car rentals and the

car insurance options in Ireland

that go along with them can be very overwhelming and confusing.  Let an

Ireland tour operator

like Tenon Tours help.  …  It’s time to sort out the lowdown.

Ultimately, booking through an

Ireland travel company

is the safest bet.  Along with your agency car rental, you’ll be provided all the information about driving in Ireland.

Tenon Tours

is able to lock in a rate for you since we have relationships with car rental companies in Ireland and we can provide you with various

tips to driving in Ireland

and help you

understand your insurance options


The other catch? Ireland car rentals don’t always follow the same rules as you may be used to in the U.S. or Canada. There are different insurance terms, age restrictions, border restrictions and more. To avoid any and all he said she said stress during your

Ireland self drive vacation

, let Tenon Tours help.

When you receive your travel documents you will know which rental company your car is with, their exact terms and insurance rates. All of this will be handled directly by your rental company upon arrival. Below are examples of your options:

Option 1:

No coverage, customer is liable for all damage. Not available in Ireland. The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) that is included in your rental agreement is mandatory when renting a car in Ireland. It provides the minimum required coverage.

Option 2:

Opt for the basic CDW included in your rental agreement. Based on the type of car you rent, you will be responsible up to a certain limit (usually around 800 to 1,000 Euros per car, with increases per car size), or you can think of it in terms of a deductible. If there is damage to the car your maximum responsibility will be this limit/deductible amount assigned to your car type.

Option 3:

Opt for CDW w/ Excess. This insurance upgrade is available at a per-day date (normally from 10 to 15 euros) and is presented to you upon pick-up of your car. This option reduces your liability to either zero or a minimum amount (depending on the car company). If there is damage to your car you will not be responsible.

The option you choose is up to you. However, if you do not take the Excess (option 3) your rental company will require a credit card deposit equal to your coverage amount (option 2).

Two examples*:

Let’s take a weekly car rental where your CDW limit is 800 Euros or you can upgrade to take the excess for 10 Euros per day = 70 Euros. Example 1: If you get a dent in the car that costs 50 euros to fix you would be responsible for that amount if choosing Option 2. With Option 3 you would not have to pay anything (though you would have paid 70 Euros to have this coverage.) Example 2: If the damage was greater, say you damaged the entire front of the car for a charge of 1,200 Euros, you would be responsible for 800 Euros of that with Option 2, or none with Option 3 (though again, in this case you paid 70 Euro to get this coverage. Coverage that cost you 70 Euros versus the 800 Euro fee you’ll incur with Option 2)

If you are interested in attempting to secure

Ireland car insurance

independently please make sure to look into all of the small print and verify that the coverage will apply in Ireland.  A deductible is called an excess in Ireland.  Car insurance may be covered by your credit card company, but be sure you check the excess.  The excess may be significantly more for a single vehicle collision.  If you take out a sheep, or herd of sheep, while driving, you’ll want to know what that higher deductible number is.

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*Please note, as the renter you are liable for damage if an accident occurs even if it’s not your fault. If the car rental company can get the damages covered by other party’s insurance, then you will not be liable. If for some reason the other party isn’t covered or doesn’t have proper insurance, you will be billed, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

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