The Origin of Tenon Tours

What is the story behind the name Tenon Tours?

We’re asked that question frequently. What most people don’t realize is just how much thought went into choosing the name and how closely it’s tied to the philosophy that travel connects us to the world around us.

Tenon Tours was born on September 24, 2007 when Bryan and Vinnie Lewis, two former colleagues who were unrelated but shared the same last name, discovered a mutual passion for group travel that creates lifelong relationships with new people and cultures. They set out to create tour packages that would appeal to “people like them” – travelers that want the security of pre-booked transportation and accommodations while having the option to spend their vacation as they wished. The two Lewises wanted to brand their new type of tour operator with a name that served as a metaphor for connecting people to other people and cultures through travel.

After some research they discovered these two definitions:

lewis (lo̵̅o̅ ′is) – noun, a device for hoisting blocks of stone, consisting of a dovetailed iron tenon made in sections that fit into a mortise cut into the stone.

tenon (ten′ən) – noun, a projecting part cut into the end of an object for insertion into a corresponding hole (mortise) to create a connecting joint.

They learned that since ancient times, engineers and woodworkers have used a special kind of joint called a tenon to create a strong, lasting connection between two objects to build ships, wagons, frames and other essentials of daily life. Evidence of their use had been found by archeologists throughout the Middle East, Europe and China dating back as far as 2,600 BCE. Tenon Tours was created on this idea: travel is a simple yet strong way to connect and form relationships with the world and those around us.

When you travel with Tenon Tours, you’ll get to know everyday people, drink artisanal beer and sample regional cuisine. You’ll experience the magic of the countryside and the excitement of cities throughout Europe as you explore your choice of historical sites, museums and attractions. Tenon’s goal is to provide our customers with an enjoyable and unique connection to new experiences, cultures, food and people that will stay with them long after they’ve returned home.



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