Top 10 Drinks in Ireland

Ireland may be famous for Irish whiskey and Guinness.   That’s not all the locals drink, though.  You’ll find plenty of popular adult beverages during your trip to Ireland.  To get you on your merry way, here is a the top 10 list of drinks in Ireland from Tenon Tours’ very own Taryn Harrison.

1. Guinness

My favorite. You’ll see this on almost every tap in every pub.  The thick, smooth stout goes down easy.  If you find yourself in Dublin be sure to visit the Guinness Storehouse where you’ll get a taste directly from the Guinness factory and learn to pull the perfect pint.

2. Black ‘N Black

Guinness with a shot of blackcurrant, it’s usually for people who want to try Guinness but don’t like the porter bite.  It takes the bite off.

3. Irish Cider

Bulmers in the Republic of Ireland (Pear and Berry are my favorite), Magners in Northern Ireland.  Drink it in a glass with ice.

4. Fat Frog

A whole lot of goodness in a glass.  20 Euros of goodness. A Fat Frog might give you cavities …. but a more delicious cavity you’ll never have.  Made with Wicked (WKD) Blue, Bicardi Orange, and Smirnoff Ice, the drink turns bright green.  It’s the most unique mention on this top 10 drinks in Ireland list.

5. Whiskey and Cranberry

(I prefer Bushmills) Since, well, you had to guess whiskey would make it somewhere in the drinks in Ireland list.   Try this drink with your choice of Jameson or Bushmills. Otherwise, sub in your favorite Irish whiskey.

6. Poitin or Craythur

Also known as Irish Moonshine. I had to include this in my top 10 drinks in Ireland list. Typically made from potatoes-it’s so strong. It’s illegal in Ireland. I’ve heard a lot of stories about it… some say that they used to put it beneath the nose of a dead person. Since it’s so strong, this is how they could tell if they were dead or not. If they suddenly woke up, because of the smell, than they weren’t dead yet!


7. Bailey’s

Also one of my favorites, I love sweet drinks.  I normally enjoy this on the rocks as an after dinner drink.  Irish Cream Liqueur can be served on the rocks.  No, literally, just lay yourself on some rocks and start sipping.  Yum!

8. Baby Guinness

Baby Guinness is normally served as a shot and contains Kahlua topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream and it resembles, you guessed it, a baby pint of Guinness.

9. Irish Coffee

Also dee-lish and deserves its place on any true top 10 drinks in Ireland list.  Read more about the origin of Irish Coffee and get the original recipe here.

10. Smithwick’s

Or Harp. Beer might not be the favorite of drink for everyone, but it should be tried during your Ireland vacation.  If Guinness isn’t your cup of tea then Smithwick’s (pronounced Smit-icks) or Harp may be more your speed!

Remember that drinking isn’t required, but in Ireland it is just another part of the social experience.  Go ahead, make it your personal Irish mission to try them all, one, or several, at a time…. you’ll see what the craicis all about!


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