First of all, no matter how you spell it, “whisky/ey” is an umbrella term for a type of spirit distilled from a mash of fermented grains. Within this category, there are many different groups—including Bourbon, Canadian, Irish, Rye, Scotch and Tennessee.

Originally, the word “whisky” comes from the Scots Gaelic word Uisge Beatha, meaning the “Water of Life.” It was Anglicized over time to “whiskybae” and finally shortened to “whisky.” While Canadian, Japanese and Scottish producers tend to favor the spelling “whisky,” American and Irish distillers decided they wanted to differentiate between the two and added the “e.” Confusing, right?

So, Irish Whiskey or Scottish Whisky? Both are amazing, but if you’re planning a trip to Ireland or Scotland, remember this rule of thumb when writing about the popular drink of choice:

Countries with an “E” in their name: AmErica and IrEland spell it with the “E.”
Countries without an “E”: Canada, Japan and Scotland spell it without the “E.”

As the history of Irish whiskey goes, the British made it more popular than almost any other spirit. You would also be very surprised to learn that the introduction of Scottish blended whiskey onto the market was partially responsible for the demise of Irish whiskey. Today, there are significantly fewer whiskey distilleries that grace the Emerald Isle. Imagine that, in the eighteenth century, there were over 1,200 whiskey distilleries in Ireland.

Now, let’s take a look at the different physical components between Irish and Scottish whiskies. So, make yourself a delicious Irish coffee and let’s get started!

Location is key.

Irish whiskey must be brewed in Ireland. When you take a tour of Ireland, you’ll note only four Irish whiskey distilleries remain. That means only four locations in the world can truly produce Irish whiskey. Scottish whisky must be made in Scotland. Scotland has a lot more than four, though…Draw your own conclusion, my friends!

Grains, and the way they are processed prior to fermentation, is important.

Basically, Irish whiskey and Scottish whisky are both water and barley. However, the Scottish whisky allows the barley to sprout. Then the barley is dried with peat moss smoke. Scottish whisky will have a stronger aroma and, some say taste, thanks to the peat-smoked barley. Smooth, neutral Irish whiskey is easier to use as a mixer in many drinks.

Distillation varies greatly.

Irish whiskey contains alcohol continually distilled from barley and other grains (depending on the mix being produced). Irish whiskey is distilled three times. Scottish whisky? Only twice. Again, they say Scottish whisky is stronger, thanks to the minimal two distillations. Irish is smoother and more neutral, thanks to the third distillation.

The aging process sets the two apart.

Irish whiskey must age for at least three years. Yep, at least three years. Scottish whisky will be aged for just two. Both typically use a wooden cask for aging, so it’s just the length of time the spirit mellows that sets them apart.

Interested in sampling a few of these whiskies in their homelands? Browse a few of our inspirational (and fully customizable!) Ireland and Scotland itineraries below.


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