Whether you’re considering a trip to the Nordics or already planning one, there are probably a few things you know you’ll see: planes of fresh, powdery snow stretching for miles, vivid green forests of aspens and pines stippled with frost, the mighty fjords and their sparkling waters, and if you’re lucky, the great dance of the Northern Lights.

Surprise — we recommend checking out all of these! While most adventures on your itinerary will be day-time activities with the evening left for recharging, there’s one thing the northern countries have mastered: the all-immersive experience. Now, when the sun sets and those temperatures reach farther into the negatives, you can return to your glass-domed igloo to settle in and watch for the Borealis overhead, or a glass-walled treehouse where you can see the sunrise from under your down comforter, or even relax in a cabin made from Lapland pines with a built-in sauna.

You won’t find a flatscreen television or much digital offerings here, but you will hear the crackling fireplace, breathe that crisp Nordic air, and maybe hear a wolf howl or two.

We’ve compiled a list of unique Scandinavian accommodations below for you to experience the best, all-immersive trip of a lifetime.



Located right on the edge of Finland’s wilderness, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is just as pristine and awe-inspiring as its surroundings. Glass-domed igloos dot the winter landscape and pines weave between them. The igloos lodge two or four people comfortably and also come with one to two beds. The ceiling is paneled with hexagon-shaped glass, creating the perfect panoramic viewing spot for the Northern Lights.

This resort has many accommodations options, which sets it apart from other winter hotels. You may elect to stay in a Kelo Glass Igloo, which is part cabin, part igloo with a built-in sauna, or even a traditional snow igloo that envelops you inside a frosty -4°F dome, which completely blocks any outside sound.

You’ll be in a most remote location, but the closest airport is only a thirty minute drive away. Igloos are open August – April for optimal Northern Lights viewing!


The fairytale land of all fairytale lands — in fact, one of the company’s core values includes listening to your “inner elf self”! Built on a slope in the Finnish Lapland wilderness, the hotel is a blend of luxury, sustainability, and coziness. If an igloo sounds a little too “cool,” the Arctic Treehouse Hotel is the answer for an immersive stay without compromising comfort.

The owners and builders, Ilkka Länkinen and Katja Ikäheimo-Länkinen, are entrepreneurs and seemingly experts on creating a tailored lodging experience that encapsulates the quiet beauty of the Finnish Laplands. Glass walls, thick fur blankets, and clean, modern lines make this the perfect relaxing, rejuvenating stay.

The cabins themselves are covered with brown shingles and atop stilts on a downward sloping hill. Sustainability is a priority here, a trademark of the Nordic countries. The treehouses are made from the surrounding Finnish forests and the roofs are covered with greenery, which replaces the natural elements that were damaged during construction.


This stunningly modern hotel in Rovaniemi is where outdoor adventure and wellness meet. From the outside, the hotel offers an inviting feel with warm lights and artisan decorations. For the artful lodger, these rooms are both luxurious and eccentric — twinkling stars above headboards, exposed beams, rare light fixtures, velvet furniture, and a myriad of sculptures and paintings.

You’ll find there are many polar bear-related decorations inside, including giant murals on the shower walls and life-size figurines. The hotel is dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and is an avid supporter of polar bear conservation efforts.

Along with top-notch service and plenty of options for exploring the Finnish wilderness (snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and ice swimming, brrr), the hotel offers excellent dining options and spa services. A well-rounded Arctic stay, indeed!


If you’re not feeling cold yet, we have one more for you — this hotel is just as it sounds: made completely from ice and snow. Each year, the structure is re-carved for an updated appearance and layout. Decorations are made from snow and ice sculptures and great, heavy furs cover the transparent ice beds. The rooms run from about 0°-5° celsius, so be sure to pack your heaviest, heartiest clothing. And, if an overnight stay here sounds a little too frigid, you can still visit and walk through the rooms for a small ticket fee.

The glass igloos offer a cozier alternative, with the possibility of catching the Northern Lights overhead. And to warm up, dip in one of the outdoor jacuzzis or relax in an authentic wooden sauna.


Whether you choose to stay in the northernmost point of the Nordic wilderness or visit for the day from a nearby village, there are more than enough excursions to experience the wonders of the Lapland at its finest. These hotels (and other local companies) offer safaris for a day trip into the wild: dog and reindeer-sledding, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, and snowshoeing.

The magic and wonder of the Nordics is palpable from the first step off the plane. It runs through the glistening waterways, the miles of pine trees, and the silent snowfall — we’d love to take you there! Explore our Scandinavian itineraries below.

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