Tasty Tayto’s

Potato chips?? Surely you mean crisps!  If you’re planning a tour to Ireland you’ll want to get the lingo straight- crisps are what you’re used to referring to as potato chips, and chips in Ireland are what you call french fries. Forget Doritos, Lays, and Tostitos.  How many of you have made a trip to Ireland and been introduced to Tayto’s?  From Cheese and Onion, to Salt and Vinegar, to Smokey Bacon-Tayto’s they make a perfect snack to nibble on-that you can find anywhere along your journey in Ireland.

In 1954, Joe “Spud” Murphy began what is today’s largest snackfood company in Ireland.  It’s truly a remarkable story of Murphy’s determination.  His initial set up costs ran a total of £500.  The entire staff consisted of Joe, his eight employees and a single van.

At that time, Tayto crisps sold for four pence per bag and were sold in gorgeous tin boxes that contained exactly 18 crisps.  The crisps’ bags were hand glued with a tiny paintbrush to guarantee that trademark Tayto freshness and were sold to shops for four shillings.

Not many people realize that is was Joe “Spud” Murphy himself that discovered the world renowned Cheese and Onion flavor.  Pioneering as always, Joe Murphy placed ads in the local newspapers which promoted the full list of Taytos.  In 1954, Tayto sold 347 packs per day.  Murphy kept on fulfilling his dream and spreading the word about his tasty snack.  Today, Tayto sells over 525 packs per minute and is Ireland’s favorite crisp.

Tayto’s are so popular today, they even have a whole theme park dedicated to Mr. Tayto himself.  So, if you are on a self-drive tour of Ireland and are interested, definitely stop by Ashbourne in Co. Meath and pick up some snacks at Tayto Park for your adventure.  It’s great for children.

My recommendation: Tayto’s add some great taste and crunch to your sandwiches if you are looking to spice them up.

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