Otero Family, Emerald Isle Classic September 2012


Was it worth traveling all the way to Ireland for this event?:

Vic: “This was an incredible event from start to finish. We enjoyed Ireland immensely to the point we want to go back. We would absolutely use Tenon Tours with out question. They organized over 1000 folks for this event and did super job. With no hiccups in our itinerary, they catered to our every wish. Ireland was magnificent.”

Janet: “Ohhh yep! We loved every minute of it.”

Who did you travel with? Why did you pick Tenon Tours?:

Vic: “My wife Janet, parents and many of my Naval Academy Class of 1985 classmates. My entire class booked this trip to Ireland with Tenon Tours and they handled everything and made each part of our stay fantastic. Due to the size of the trip they were present and available for questions 24 hrs/day. The Tenon Staff were super professional and organized. I know we will see them again. Their attention to detail and just over all concern for our happiness was sincere and appreciated.

Janet: “The Navy alumni group picked Tenon Tours. We are happy they did. My only complaint to the Tenon Staff- we did not go dancing.”

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