Jenn Coposky

Mineral Point, PA

Beautiful, clear waters of Ireland!

Beautiful, clear waters of Ireland!

Where did you travel Jenn?:

What made you want to travel to Ireland?:
“My mother and I wanted to take the trip of a lifetime!”

Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list?:
“Aran Islands, Skellig Michael, Killarney”

What was the best part about your vacation?:

“Being able to show my mom my favorite parts of Ireland and seeing new ones with her for the first time!”

Why did you choose Tenon Tours?
“Completely by chance! Your website looked professional and loved the idea of the Hopper Tours.”

Anything to add about your personal sales representative?:

“Cara was very attentive to all of my questions as we worked to fit in everything I wanted to see. I had a pretty tall order for our 14 days and we managed to make it all work, and then some!”

Do you wish you prepared better for any specific part of the trip?:

“I wish I knew how far from Skellig my hotel was… I hadn’t researched exactly how expensive that taxi trip was going to be…but worth every penny!!!”

Jenn on Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands!

Jenn on Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands!

Any advice about the weather in Ireland?:

“We were blessed and could not have ordered better weather. It was a bit humid for my mom and they didn’t have air conditioning so that took some getting used to for us since it really was quite warm for those two weeks.”

Good point Jenn!

Check out our blog about AC here

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:
“Wool and cashmere woven blanket from Avoca.”

What destination is next on your list?:

“I’d go back to Ireland again, and Scotland too!”

Look at all of those steps! Well done Jenn and Mom :)

Look at all of those steps! Well done Jenn and Mom šŸ™‚

Since you participated in one of our Hopper Tours, what was it like sharing scheduled transportation with the other travelers?”

“It was fun because we had such tiny groups for travel because we were able to connect with the drivers and get a little authentic view of Ireland’s people. Every different driver had such stories! We enjoyed the company of our drivers everywhere we went. I was especially thankful for Freddie from Killarney. He was so kind when I was desperate to get a ride to Skellig. Really went out of his way and took good care of me! We talked for hours!”

Any final thoughts Jenn?:
“You must see Inishmore …And walk up to Dun Aengus. It’s my favorite place in the world and I loved it so much I made my 72 year old mom climb up there with me so she could see it! She felt very accomplished when she reached the top and we both shared a couple of tears there… There’s just something magical/spiritual about that space!”

Talk about tears, Jenn! What a great mother daughter travel experience! We do hope you keep Tenon Tours in mind for future travel plans! You know, we offer Hopper Tours to Scotland too šŸ™‚

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