Peg S.

Clarence, NY

pegschwabelspotlight5Where did you travel to Peg?:

What made you want to travel to Ireland?:
“This was a life-long dream. My great grandparents were born there.”

Who did you travel with?:
“When my son, who is a professional photographer living in Oregon, made plans to visit Ireland in September for the wedding of friends, he suggested I come along and fulfill the dream of visiting Ireland. Needless to say, I quickly agreed!”

Where were the top 3 places to visit on your wish list? What did you think of them?:
“The top three places to visit included the Irish School of Falconry at Ashford Castle, the Cliffs of Moher, and Dublin. All of them were visited, and each exceeded every expectation! The planning on the part of Tenon Tours was exceptional; every detail was taken care of in advance, and the driver who escorted us was exceptional–highly professional and knowledgeable with a wonderful sense of humor.”

Tough question alert! What was the best part about your vacation?:
“It is hard to say what was best when everything was exceptional. The drives to reach each destination were beautiful. We drove through picture-perfect towns and along roads where beauty was everywhere.”

What made you want to book your trip to Ireland with Tenon Tours?:
“I chose Tenon after looking at two other companies. Manisha and Nicole were so prompt and courteous in their e-mails that I immediately felt Tenon would be the right choice. I was right. The promptness with which each responded to questions was exceptional. As bookings for the tour began, Manisha kept me posted, and the Tenon Team was able to book every site requested.”

Do you wish you prepared better for any specific part of the trip?:
“No. This trip went perfectly. Transportation to and from the airport was excellent and, as mentioned, our private driver Tom McDonald, was exceptional. I had never been to Europe, but after seeing Ireland, I want to go back and also see also see a bit of London–all with Tenon’s amazing help.”

Do you have any advice to offer up about the weather?:
“Loved the weather!! Tom McDonald called it “Irish sunshine,” and it was. At Lough Eske castle, rain pounded against the windows during the night, but by morning the skies were clearing. We were fortunate in that the weather along the Cliffs of Moher was perfect, and that, I understand, is not always the case. Light showers fell in Dublin, but that was the perfect time to walk in St. Stephen’s green and visit the Guinness Brewery.”

Did the travel insurance come in handy for you?:
“I did purchase travel insurance for peace of mind. I did not need it, but I would still purchase it again.”

Tell us more about Tom McDonald and any other new friends you may have met along the way:
“We were so comfortable driving with Tom McDonald that I would have to say, he was (and now is) someone whose friendship we now value. In the hotels, conversations with other travelers was easy and enjoyable. We shared business cards and hope to hear from them in the future.”

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:
“Irish sweaters have to top the list!! I bought two and look forward to wearing them through our Buffalo, New York, winters.”

Were there any unplanned parts of your trip that wound up turning into one of your favorite travel stories?:
“At the Cliffs of Moher, I bought two inexpensive CD’s of Irish music. I took them out of their wrappers in the car, and Tom put them in the CD player. We drove along the beautiful Irish countryside singing traditional Irish songs. Unforgettable!!”

What destination is next on your list?:
“Ireland, the parts we couldn’t fit into this trip. Also, London and the English countryside.”

Did you learn any new Gaelic or Irish phrases?:
“I tried, but pronunciation is still poor. Maybe that is a sign I should return to Ireland and try harder . . .”

Are there any other experiences, tips, notes advice or stories you would like to share?:
“At the Dunboyne Castle Hotel, I met two couples traveling together. They looked exhausted. I casually said, “Hello” and asked how their trip had been. “Well,” they replied, “we had an accident. We didn’t set the GPS properly, ended up on unpaved and/or extremely poor roads.”

They went on to say that in the course of pulling over to pass another vehicle with only inches to spare, the road under one side of their vehicle gave way; their car tumbled sideways and was nearly a total loss.

The next day when I saw them again, they were waiting for a cab to take them to the Dublin airport and a return trip to Long Island, NY. They were still exhausted and clearly the trip they had planned by themselves had not turned out as expected.

At that moment, I was truly glad I had chosen Tenon and could now continue my trip with confidence that every detail–especially the driving–would be what would make the trip perfect. Thank you, Tenon!”

No, thank YOU Peg šŸ™‚ We look forward to assisting you in the future!

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